movies about crazy people?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by BreatheUp, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. but not like violent/scary crazy people.

    like genius crazy people.
    a beautiful mind, that one movie with matt damon in boston talking about apples, stuff like that.

    mental illness and brains basically.
    really dont know any other examples but ABM is pretty dead on.
  2. Good taste, I will be coming back.
  3. definitely rain man...definitely
  4. one flew over the cuckoos nest great movie and book
  5. :/
    i guess im all up to speed on this front.

    was hoping for less well known/different stuff.

    even documentaries of poets and what not.
  6. The muppets..
  7. Pink Floyd the wall
  8. Definitely 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'
  9. Pi.

    Movie about mathematician who discovers patten in pi sequence to a 216 digit number that predicts stock market to a fraction of a tick, and Hebrews wants 216 digit number because gods name is 216 digits long.

    Good movie, same guy who did 'reqiuem for a dream'.
  10. I can't believe no one listed Sybil. The movie was made in 1976 and was based on a woman who suffered from multiple personality disorder. Her name was Shirley Mason. The movie was spectacular. I'd definitely recommend it.

    Others I can think of:
    Secret Window
    Vertigo (not really intense or anything, but it's a classic Hitchcock masterpiece)
  11. The Machinist is a really interesting movie relating to mental illness.
  12. dude the machinist was straight buggin. felt like i was comin off meth just watching it.

    just watched vertigo though. for 1958 im sure it was badass but was too slow for me. stopped at an hour.
  13. I completely understand. I made sure to mention that it wasn't intense or anything like that because I know my taste in movies isn't for everyone. It's a great film but a certain love for the classics is required. Many of the old thrillers or suspense films are slow. Their greatness is within the acting and dialogue.
  14. oh no doubt i got that. lovin the classic aspects as well. just, for 2 hours you really have to be in that mindset haha.
  15. Definitely. Best if done while sitting in a robe, smoking a cigar, and sipping on a glass of whiskey or brandy. :cool:
  16. You could do a search for any documentary on any autistic savant.
  17. greenberg was pretty good. not much of a stiller fan either.
  18. i liked greenberg a lot ^^

    anyone who liked greenberg should check out the beginners....with ewan mcgregor and that really attractive french chick from inglorious basterds. really fucking good movie.

    Pi is one that comes to mind in regard to the OP's question.

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