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  1. If i were to post my movie script would anyone read it?
  2. If you think it's good don't post it.
    If it gets taken you're fucked.
  3. I dont think anyone would take it? Plus if i post it it has the date and shit so I could prove its my idea?

    plus i would just post it as i write it, cuase i already got the first couple scenes done.
  4. i would read it

    Inside of an abandoned house filled with the memories of a loving family, two men are trapped inside of the newborn's room. The door is held shut by a wooden rocking chair, the windows are boarded, and blood is splattered over pictures of the newborn and her parents. One of the men reloads his revolver to check his ammo, he realizes that there are only two bullets in the chamber

    The two look at one another and face the grim realization that they must kill themselves to avoid becoming eaten alive by zombies.


    Only ten feet away from the room in which the two men are hiding, a growing numbers of zombies are quickly making their way towards the men.


    The two men hear banging on the door and realize the decision they must soon make. The man with the gun offers it to his friend, he declines. The man sticks the gun to the side of his face and shoots. The bullet goes straight into and out the other side of his jaw, still alive, he quickly glances at his friend and shoots himself again. The rocking chair that was once holding the door shut is now broken and zombies have broken through. The man is left with no gun and is circled by the undead, who procede to tear him apart.

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