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movie plot

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by xpurplehaze420x, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Ok so im writing this as i go... Alroght so here we go.
    This guy starts getting this trippy ass flu write? Like it makes you feel like youre doing unmentionables. Hyper ajlnd shit... So he smokes some bud to counter act it but them slips into a coma... When he wakes up, he only feels beong high... If hia life like pulls to an emotion deaignated for each drug known to man... And the only way he can feel better is by smoking weed. And like he lives in a now "drug free eutopia" and weeds hard to come by. So he decides to grow. And despite all odds gets all of the materials seeds, nutes lights, pots soil... All that jazz and begins growing... A few weeks pass plants are growing... But he hasnt smoked and the growing is stressimg him out... Hes feeling on a drug... New synthetic, dr feel good lets call it... Injection shit... Real nasty... Hes like dying he feels like..*fuck sorry guys having some crazy audibles right now, this part might be a little wierd...* and he needs to get bud stat!! Hes on.the verge of offing himself... Hes walking down this alley. he meet the girl, real cute thing. Names lexi. Curled up in a ball... Turns out same shits happening to her... He tells her shes pretty... They both get happier, the high starts getting better, to this kinda trippy drug called funguy... Its a tree fungus... It had much stronger highs in the past, its just a slight trip now... theyre happy with eachother for a while and now the plants are getting massive!!! But one day after having copious amounts of sex, lexi was driving to the store to pick up lunch meat, cheese bread and mayo to make a proper sandwhich, although she had to use a wheel chair because her lower body was ravaged... On her way back from.the store she gets in a terrible car wreck... The car was on fire... But as her husbamd would tell you, she had her prioritys straight... In stead of trying to escape with her life. She did her duty life a proper woman. That sandwhich was made and toasted with a heart on it... Her heart wasnon fire and bounced and left a heart shaped burn. after the death of his wife and living with the sandwhich... Things just went downhill from there he got into alcohol... His livers shot... He just sits there watching tv... Eating burgers... The plants have all died... Hes pretty shot....
  2. It was pretty good but I think the sandwich should be changed to philly cheesesteak w/avocado. It's more classy and regular sandwiches are for poor people thus alienating you're potential demographic of upper-middle class to upper-class viewers.

    Better than anything the Hollywood has come up with recently.
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    It's cool to grab some inspiration from pot but don't make your plot unenjoyable without it

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