Movie of the century!

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  1. [ame=]Thrive - Full Length - YouTube[/ame]

    This is honestly the greatest movie I believe to have ever been made. It is similar to the zeitgeist movies, esoteric agenda, etc besides this film is much, much, much more organized with it's information. Also, they have a HUGE website that goes along with the movie which has all its facts cited with sources and it goes into more details about the information and solutions.

    Here's their site: Thrive

    Please watch this, spread it, talk about it...anything to get the word out!!!

    Peace :smoke:
  2. I liked children of men and gattica quite a bit.
  3. im glad you posted this, i saw the trailer back in october and forgot all about it. i will watch this tonight.
  4. Bump!

    Come one ppl you won't be disappointed, this is worth your time!
  5. I saw the trailer posted here few days ago. Gonna watch it tonight or tommorow:D thanks!
  6. I'm a Blade Runner guy personally but maybe I'll check that out.
  7. Amazing video thanks fir sharing!
  8. My nipples are hard.
  9. false. the century isn't over.

    eh. thanks for sharing man.. looks promising inspirational :hello:

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