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Discussion in 'General' started by ugeman420, Jun 26, 2003.

  1. heres a cool game, well its not really a game its more like something to be continued, idk what i'm talking about...
    well anyways heres how it goes,
    i start by naming a movie, the next person names an actor in the movie i named, then the next person names another movie that the actor was in, and so forth in so on... the point is to see how knowledgable we are.. i guess.
    well heres mine
  2. Guy Pearce :)
  3. One of the cast members in Memento was Guy Pearce.

    In regards to ya game what if the person someone names has only been in that film only?
  4. hmm... good point lol, so i guess the point is to make it last as long as posisble w/o repeats. so if you answer it, dont purposely put a one shot wonder as the actor (for instance the kid in the shining). try to allow others to continue it, so since sensimil said guy pearce, the next person names a movie that guy pearce was in. ya see?
  5. Ah shit Sensimil jus pipped me on that one.
  6. and to keep the game rolling, i'll go next by saying
    LA confidential
    - so now the next person names another actor in that movie (not guy pearce)
  7. Kim Basinger *ohhhhhhh yeah baby*
  8. Kim Basinger was in 8 Mile as Eminem's mom.

    edit: Sensi beat me :( So...Jack Nicholson
  9. Mars Attacks
  10. Pierce Brosnan

    I kinda like this game
  11. Mrs Doubtfire
  12. Hmmm...who was in Mrs. Doubtfire? I dunno...mebbe Robin Williams!
  13. Kirsten Dunst
  14. Kirsten Dunst

    She was a youngin back when they made that movie, but what a hottie now.

  15. Not really i'll give a 5/10 and i'm bein nice with that rating.
  16. tobey maguire
  17. Edit: Was beat, but FEAR AND LOATHIN IN LAS VEGAS!!

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