Movie Forum?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by dayv41, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. well there's a music forum... so what about one specifically for movies?
  2. i like the idea
  3. yeah this is a good idea! i like watching movies just as much as music when i'm high!
  4. Thats a damn good idea
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing a movie forum.
  6. Yup, same here.
  7. People talk about it enough to merit a section
  8. I like this idea.
  9. I know im bringing this topic back 6 months later but I would love to see a forum for movies!!! Shitchyea'.
  10. Agreed, a movie forum would bitchin.
  11. ...i would like to see a movie forum too, but i think this is what general includes...
  12. yup, a movie forum would be pretty kickass.
  13. I think a movie forum would be more relevant than a music forum.
  14. I think a movie forum would be awesome, a lot of people like to discuss movies, or stuff to do with movies.
  15. mos def a good idea. Somebody should consider that.
  16. I would post in a movie forum, I like movies :) :smoke:

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