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Movie bleeps

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr Skinner, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Just saw American Beauty...again. And there's one thing I never get over. Now this movie has a positive attitude towards smoking. There's just one flaw...The dude smokes a J, THEN goes working out. Who does that?

    More flaws (exept the obvious ones in movies opposed to smoking)?
  2. i sometimes get buzzed before i work out, then have a nice session afterwards.It loosens me up and it stretch alot easier
  3. I like smokin before i go work out because it seems to loosen me up and make me oblivious to the pain that results from lifting too much ;)
  4. There are some madmen on the out

  5. I wouldnt too way I could work out after getting high. I would just be like fuck it, and go grab some snacks.
  6. snacks? you like to waste your weed? sorry but i like being high and no amount of munchies is takin my high.
  7. ^^ munchies or any food for that matter doesnt decrease ur high as long as you dont eat a full meal, snacks dont speed up your motabolism that much :), and I always buzz before a work out not a strain that puts me into a couch lock though ... Strains that give you a body buzz can make u last forever ... have u ever tried to run around ur block five times while ur super stoned and full of energy?, u dont even gasp for air, u come back normall as though uv been training forever
  8. Errrr no.....running around the block in full speed isn't the first thing that comes to my mind after tokin up lol
  9. I love getting high before playing basketball. I get too winded if I'm sober.

    The other day at school we had a huge BBQ outside most of the day, so I left to go blaze, came back, and started playing basketball. I was completely killing it. Hitting every shot I took. And the best part was, I was whopping up on some sober kids. And they had no idea I was was blazed.
  10. I like to hike after my morning toke. But at night, no way I want munchies. I think everyone does different things while high because we lead different lives, and pot adapts very well. :D How much and when becomes a given whenyou do it every day.

  11. maybe a LITTLE exaggerated.

    weed for me intensifies the pain so i wouldnt want to exercise by lifting or anything like that. but i love to skate high, you get so satisfied by landing even the most simple shit. and when you run but it doesnt even feel like you're running and you feel really calm and the road stretches out before you...i love weed.

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