mover ass stabbings

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. Hahahahahhaha. I woke up this morning when my sister called me to ask me if I was watching the news. When I asked her why she told me the funniest thing. She told me her boyfriend was on the news because he got in a fight at work and this guy pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the ass. Hahahaha he got on TV for getting stabbed in the ass.
    I guess they were moving the peoples furniture, got in an arguement, and the guy pulled out a knife. My sisters boyfriend told him to not be a pussy and put down the knife and fight him like a man. When he put it away, her boyfriend socked him in the eye. The guy pulled it back out and chased after him. Then when he was jumping over some boxes trying to get away, the guy went to stab him in the back, missed and stabbed him right in the ass cheek. It went in like 2 1/2 inches and just missed an artery. Apparantly it was bleeding like a mo-fo all over everything.


    They just released him from the hospital and he's going to get some pain killers, yeah! ;)
  2. Im gonna go out on a limb here and guess that this isn't the family from full house....
  3. I think your safe in your assumption Nub. Can you picture me on full house? hahahahaha *lol*
  4. Uncle jessie..why did you kill michelle!?

    its ok DJ, we have another one right here!
  5. Dammit Stefanie dad told you not to scrape my bong!
  6. i generally try to avoid any time where i could get poked in the pooper..ya know, prison, bar fights...moving furniture...not too big on butt pokings...and the washing machine is making a UFO type osound.....AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!..........................

  8. 2 and a half inches in the ass, damn, that dude was trying for the back, that shit attempted murder, what happening to the stabber?
  9. He's getting charged w/ assault w/ a deadly weapon. That fuck head actualy tried to pay my sisters boyfriend $1000 not to press charges, can you believe that shit?
  10. if it was $1000 in cash he shouod have agreed..taken the money..waited a day..then pressed charges

  11. ROFL!!! omg, my friends and i say that all the time... LOL, i didn't know anyone else did. LOL!
  12. HAHAHAHA...i knew in the very bottom of my heart, that i wasnt the only guy out there that didnt like gettin poked in the pooper...i dunno about the ICE CREAM MAN tho...i think he as a perpetual poker in his pooper
  13. i think you may be right namrom
  14. LOL!

    Well back on topic away from the ass rapin icecream man(i think that what they were saying, sorry if not, imma dumb ass). No shit he should of taken the $1000, there wasnt any witnesses around, was there? Take it and then sue him, he says he gave him 1,000, then ur courin or uncle or brother or dad or whatever it was just says WTF!!! and its all good :) i think
  15. Of all places, the but.

  16. I told him he should have taken the money and he brought up a very good point. Where would a mover get $1,000 ?
  17. I heard that if you put your money in the laundry it comes out untracable.
  18. tahnx for the tip ;)

  19. yeah... and torn to shreds, lol. i left my birth certificate and social security card in my pocket once... they came out of the laundry unrecognizable, meanwhile i'm searching everywhere for 'em... then i pull the shreds out of my pocket and go "uh oh... that's not good." lol

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