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Move plants to follow sun or leave alone?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by smith26, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Does anyone have experience of moving your outdoor plants around to get as much direct sunlight as possible? There are lots of big trees here that cast shade...if I leave the plants in one place they probably get only a few hours of direct sunlight a day but if I move them around a couple times a day they can probably get about double.

    Does moving them mess with their natural cycle? After all plants wouldn't move around in nature...
  2. Leave them. i have my fllowering plants in the area that gets more sun and the plants that havent flowered are in an area that gets shade earlier to promote flowering. Dont move them unless they really NEED the sun otherwise just leave it they'll flower earlier.
  3. yea u can move them ...i move my potted girls around almoct everyday and get about 10 hours of direct sunlight plus by moving with the sun u can get the sun to hit spots of the plant that dont get light by leaving them in one spot. the early morning sun and the evening sun because it comes in at a lower angle ..just make sure ur not moving them where people can see them and make sure there not gonna get any interfering light at night. well any bright light brighter then the light of a full moon ..thats what will mess with there natural cycle and throw ur plant off
  4. OK so the poll shows 2 votes yes and 2 votes no. I'm waiting for the kickass botanist to come lay out the facts and set the record straight since this isn't appearing to be an agreed about topic.....anyone????
  5. I think you will be fine moving them around because they are getting the same amount of daylight regardless if they are in the shade or not. Moving them around does not cause the days to be any longer so the dark period is still the same amount of time only moving them around allows them to get plenty of light and make them healthier.

    Just my theory, I am no expert.
  6. I have moved mine daily. I have done it for years with no problems.
  7. I'm still surprised that this is such a close poll...but there are a few more voting for moving them around and they also seem to have a higher reputation so I'll go with that

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