Move? Or keep waiting?

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  1. tired of growing illegally. I’d have to assume they still incarcerate people growing in non legal states, yes?

    My plan for theoretical court would be I’m tired of going to the weed man who also sells coke heroin etc. tired of risking being robbed. Etc. not for resale, my own personal use. Why can half the states use it but not this state? How’s that land of the free? If I go pay another states taxes then I can? Why? Doubt it’d get me out of prison but maybe it’d work...

    I don’t want to have to uproot my family but I’ve found my passion. My tent and my girls are my favorite hobby. I want to make it into a career. A legal one. Just don’t know how to start...
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  2. Some places won't allow a free system, but this is a real thing;

    Jury nullification is a concept where members of a trial jury find a defendant not guilty if they do not support a government's law, do not believe it is constitutional or humane, or do not support a possible punishment for breaking the law.

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  3. Soon you will be able to walk down to your 711 and buy 20 joints as one once did with Marlboro's

    up to then you either re locate or operate in secret or discrete growing and toking
    as they say all the best things in life are free and of those.. the best are always illegal

    good luck
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  4. And nothing lasts forever

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  5. You shouldn't have long to wait - the tide has turned.
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  6. I got tired of waiting and moved to a medical state (PA). They do not have anything on the books for cultivation and I hope that's a big YET. As the stats as far as seed to sale cash money come in I hope the tides will have changed federally and things will ease up even further. I would have loved to live in DC where I think you can have more than a handful of plants per adult per household but DC ain't exactly where I want to live nor afford.
  7. does anyone know what its looking like for the east coast? i heard that theres a meeting happening soon about NC catching up to the rest of the country as far as reforming marijuana laws
  8. maybe Jersey and NY in 2019 go REC
  9. Check out the Marijuana Policy Project website, they have pretty good info all in one place, even if it is updated sort of slow.
  10. just searched the entire website. the word "North Carolina" is never mentioned even one time lol
  11. Lol bummer! I swear I saw something long ago but I did find these articles:


    North Carolina Medical Marijuana Laws and Regulations


    Marijuana Policy Project Reflects on New Leadership and Reform Efforts

    Third article doesn't have anything to do with NC. Man sucks some of the best weed I ever had was from NC.
  12. yea we literally have the same selection here they do in cali, except the hippies here have 30-40 year old motherplants of OG originals and i often see clones floating around once in a while. but legal wise... its not looking good
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  13. I say move to a state that supports how u wanna live
  14. If you stay in an illegal state, would a benefit not be that once it becomes legal, you have a heads up because everyone else is also starting in that area? Say you move to Colorado, there are big pot companies that have been operating in that state for years. The way I see it, a newly legal state has far less competition, which probably means good business. Legal weed nationwide doesn't seem far off, so I'd say wait.
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    Move to where you can do want you want to do. Here in CO, I know someone that gets his stuff from someone that grows at home, and can sell to people with a medical card. Check into it. Either way you can grow up to 6 plants for each individual in the household that is of age. Might be some useful info in the link below.

    A Marijuana Travel Guide For Visiting Colorado
  16. EH forget NJ. State has some of the highest taxes and even if they actually did legalize rec, will never see home grows. Greedy politicians.
  17. I've been saying the same thing, and I can't wait. It'll be on amazon, too I bet!

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