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mouth ulcers from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheoryisHIGH, May 15, 2011.

  1. i picked up some "standard dutch" yesterday and smoked some and had a mouth ulcer in the morning and smoked some more just now and i think its making it worse?
    is that normal? 0.0
  2. Well no ulcer is really "normal" but no, weed does not cause mouth ulcers
  3. Idk what mouth ulcers are
  4. If you have any type of ulcer you should not be inhaling smoke of any sort. It can increase symptoms, cause infection, and add to healing times.
  5. Maybe it had some kind of other thing in the weed, pretty sure weed would not do that
  6. might of been from something i eat too
  7. Lol I just read the title and Lol'd so Lol dude.
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  8. this...
  9. Why the fuck would you smoke if you had a mouth ulcer in the first place?
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    It happens to me sometimes. I never thought it was from weed, becasue thats just preposterous.

    Generally I get them after i accidently bite myself.
    And its common to get them when you overconsume salty or acidic foods.

    Unless you have herpes,
    your good..Just rinse your mouth with the warm salt water twice a day.

    There is a an amino acid called lysine you can buy in pill from.
    Supposed to work well for cold sores amongst some other things.
  11. I'm baked ATM and I already got ulcers and I toked like 1 hr ago I'm guessing from the 3 packs of crackers. I hope u can understand I'm fucked
  12. i think y'all dont know that mouth ulcers are Canker Sores.
  13. OP is 7 years old.
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  14. ED8D6034-16CC-4DB4-ACCD-5EDC8BFEFEB6.jpeg
    I’m goin through the same thing man. Thought it was the weed for months, long story short I always pay cash for my weed now days, no more favors.
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  15. wtf bro i didnt need to see that
  16. Lol
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  17. You didn't get herpes from weed
  18. Maybe he did.... I heard he went to the doctors office and they confirmed it.
  19. Lol weed does not cause mouth sores, but passing filthy joints and bongs back and forth sure will. The human body is a cesspool of pathogens, don't share joints, it's gross.
    Funny all the posts about lysine and arginine on this forum are about herpes or workouts. I'm actually researching using them for my plants, but I'm sure all the pre-mixed nuts already contain them.
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    This post is 8 years old, OP hopefully saw a doctor cause whatever that is it isn't caused by weed.

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