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  1. it's fun, who gets into it? looking for people to post pictures of where they ride, what they ride, and how often they get out.
    I only have this pic to post ride now, but I'll try to get on it more often.

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  2. Heres my bike :) i get out everyday for atleast half hour a day

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  3. nice ride! I see you like DH
  4. I found a little trail by my house that I rode the other day. I made it down intact the first ride down but the second I bailed hard twice. Mountain biking is a huge rush.

  5. I absolutely love the area that I live in. It isn't phenomenal mountain biking, but I live 10 minutes away from miles upon miles of good trails to ride. I try to get out 4 or 5 times a week, but unfortunately I made a mistake with my disc brakes. I tried cleaning out the pistons and took apart the caliper while doing so. This let all the brake fluid out, and now it is in the shop. Taking apart the caliper was a no-no, and it made have broken a seal within the hydraulic line. and so it goes
  6. I don't know much about bike mechanics but I really want to start getting out and doing it more. I also live in a hilly area with many paths but it doesn't seem like a big thing around here and I don't know anybody who does it.

  7. It's alright, I didn't know a whole lot about bikes either up until recently. Basically, what happened with me is I broke my brake line. My brakes are a bit more advanced, and have brake fluid in them and need to be bled, much like the brakes on a car.

    I'm almost certain that if there are places to ride bikes where you live that there is a bike organization. Try to Google the name of your county followed by "mountain bike organization" and something should come up. I know that almost all communities have bike organizations, and on them there is often the availability to do trail work/maintenance. By doing a little bit of work with them, you can meet up with numerous people to ride with.

    There are also some great mountain bike forums, I often check out mtbr
  8. I love riding, I have a FELT Mtn bike. Around
    My home my parents have loads of horse trails, well used and great for an amazing exercise ride, and they are off road and only packed down by the horses so it's a bit of a strenuous ride. All woods so great place to stop and toke it up
  9. I have an original lotus, single speed, i fly through new york city some times faste than cars, blazed ofcousrse
  10. I've got a Phaser, the susp is all worn out though, super sketch on big rocks but irdgaf.
  11. a Norco Phaser? what year and model?
    in often cases, you will just find that you have to do a little bit of maintenance and they should be working well again. keep in mind that it's 100mm of travel; and like it says it is for, it's mostly XC

    today I did some good riding. been riding a good amount this week. cleared a 12 foot gap and it was rather exciting. the jump was nicely sized at the bottom of a hill. had been doing a few others ride near it.

    getting a dump truck with 5 yards of some heavy soil; going to rent a vibra plate compactor and make a little free ride course in my yard for when I don't really feel like traveling the 10 minutes to any of the local state parks.
  12. Phaser 1, 2010.
  13. dang, that wasn't a cheap bike. does it require maintenance or is the damper mostly beat up?
  14. The damper's okay, it's a pretty new bike obviously. But the actual coil, it's sorta bent from a big wipeout
  15. that must be annoying. I would hate to mess up my forks or rear, or my bike for that matter. it is one of my most prized material objects
  16. worked on a little course I got going on in my yard. Pure sand is all that I have to work with, so I had to get a half yard of gravel and a yard of DG. got a small jump right now, it's only 3 feet tall. has a landing a few feet from it. built a 4' tall 8' long jump last weekend, working on a path to get enough speed for it. have to build a landing for that too.
    getting a dump truck to drop off 5 yards of some heavy soil this Wednesday; it should help a lot. then i'm going to vibra plate compactor that
  17. Right on, nug thug I know we've already had some discussions about our hobby.

    I ride a '03 Specialized Hardrock Sport
    This image's a bit old but its mostly the same, minus lights, and plus some SPD pedals. I got the type with SPD on one side and platforms on the other, although I haven't been riding much without my SPD shoes, they really great.

    I went riding today at the closest trails, 30 min drive away in a state park :/. Oh well, gotta deal with what you have. It was good fun, the trails were mostly dry and soft. Rode some rocky parts really well, I was really feeling it. I have some great weed now to ride with, I love what I does to my head.

    Wishing I had disc brakes. My V brakes work fine, they're powerful enough to lock up the wheel on smooth pavement, but they're indeed tiring on these long rocky hills. Felt my rims at the bottom of a descent and they were dang hot. It was dang hot today with the cicadas out in noisy force. Glad I had my Camelbak with 2 l of ice and water. Took my helmet cam along but it was pointing a bit too far down, I need to tweak it a bit for better footage so you can see the horizon.

    Good stuff, can't wait to go with some friends on Thursday and then check out the other trails I haven't done around here. I love hitting stuff for the first time, its a rush when you don't know what's around the next corner.

    Damn, I just love the feeling of careening down a hill, just enough in control. Makes my blood pump, eh?
  18. Mountain cycling and road cycling are my 'rush' sports. I haven't been road cycling as much lately, as going down hills at 50 mph doesn't do it for me like it use to, and the ones that get me even faster are on highways and are a bit hellish.

    I know what you mean with the V brakes. I love my disc brakes, they're hydraulic. I once burnt my finger when I touched my disc rotor.
    I also know what you mean with having ice cubes in the water sleeve of a Camelbak. I make sure to do it every time.
    You should post a video some time. I plan on getting a GoPro HD helmet camera.

    I love hitting a new trail, it's sweet. There are lots of them out here, and I still have many on my agenda.

    I am yet to get SPDs. I got some new Straitline platform pedals, and they're great. I'm just a little sketched out about going off a big drop or jump and landing goofy and not being able to handle it like I can handle a goofy landing without clips.

    Since the GoPro is kinda expensive, I'll be sure to take more pictures when I go mountain biking. I tweaked the bearings on my mountain bike while I was clearing an 11 foot gap, so it is in the shop for now, but I should get some either tomorrow or wednesday.

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