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Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by Alwaysgreener, May 25, 2010.

  1. Hey blades, just wondering if we have any mountain bike enthusiasts here? Or dirt jumpers, bmx'ers etc. It seems like a large percentage of bikers I meet are either stoners or are open to the idea of consumption of the herb.. Anyways, I never catch wind of any bikers on here.. Anyone? :smoke:
  2. i ride my bike everyday, but not on mountains. i just like the purity of a bike. causes no harm to the environment and costs nothing to maintain. unlike cars.
  3. Riding bikes and smoking is awesome. One of the greater feelings in life. Wanna get into mountain bikes though.
  4. Once upon a time man. Some of the most fun shit I have ever done. If im out near lift serviced parks for a weekend or whatever I will rent a bike to rip with.


    Marin makes some sick bikes. That thing took hits like a champ.
  5. Yea dude, I'm a downhill biker mate. Do some big mountain freeride too. It's some fun shit, broke my bike yesterday again..So I'm out of action :(

  6. Mmm, that is a very nice marin indeed. Im currently planning on saving for a specialized enduro Specialized Enduro Comp '10 (£1,999.99)

    Also glad to see we do have some mountain bikers here :smoking:
  7. I got a new bike around Christmas time and have been loving hitting up local trails. Last Thursday we had some really nice weather - me and some friends rode a trail, posted up on a bridge over a creek to cool off and smoke a blunt, and then hit the rest of the downhill. Great day.

    Few things are nicer than a fresh breeze in the face on a downhill while stoned...
  8. I try to hit the trails about twice a week, but lately have just been riding my road bike since the wind around here has finally been pretty calm.

    My rides
  9. heres my ride..i love going down, uphill not so much haha...and of course i love to toke and ride

  10. hahah i love to smoke and do some dirtjumps (i just can't do tricks)

    at the moment my bike has a broken deurailleur (sp).:mad:
  11. i bike all day everyday if im by myself. if someones gotta a vehicle ill cruiese. dont have a licence or permit(dont judge:( ill get it i just have to work on it.) i am eighteen and a bad procrastinator but at the same time. since i dont have the ability to drive I have learned how to whip my bike really well. if I didnt bike everywhere i would be a fat ass because i eat like one but im not. biking is a miricale for me.:smoking:
  12. there are tons of trails by my house, that few bikers know about... i usually do the climbs on trails and then smoke, and then on the downhill i'm high :smoking:

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  13. I just started riding. I got a free Rockhopper. I assume it's a shitty bike by the way at the bike shop acted when I asked him if it was good or not. hahaha!

    Anyway, yeah, I love smoking and riding. I live in Southern Utah so I have a lot of good trails. :( Sad to be moving to mexico soon for graduate school and give up my bike.

  14. I ride a Rockhopper too bro, bought it pretty recently to get back in the woods. They are damn solid bikes, especially if you are just hitting up some trails. Ride the shit out of it :metal:

    A few shots from my ride earlier.

  15. Hell yeah, I love to ride my bike high. It's great because you won't get in trouble for it (unlike if you were driving a car where you have to be careful and that takes the fun out of it), you can explore places quickly, and you can really have a lot of fun on them. Unfortunately I live in the suburbs with no large natural area anywhere close, so it's not often that i get to go out and ride trails. Really fun when i do though. I'm hoping to make it to Whistler or Trestle some time in the next few years, riding a lift serviced mountain is a dream of mine. As well as skiing the same slopes haha.
  16. Went for a ride today. Haven't been out in a while and I gotta say the uphill was getting to me. It was hot too so I was sweating like a pig. I used my dads bike which is really nice but nothing like a downhill bike with full suspension, disc brakes, etc. Hopefully i'll be getting a bike like that soon so I can charge the downhills.

    Trail starts at the top left so that the first hill you go down and the last one you go up



    Pacific Ocean in the background

  17. To all you guys:

    What's a mountain bike like for longer distances on the road with "slicks (or whatever thin profiled tyres are called)?"

    I want to get a decent bike as my main commute (but want to be able to jump gutters/cut through parks), but I'll have to ride for a few hours to my folks every other week. Is a mountain bike with thin profiles reasonable for long road trips?
  18. I would just get a commuter bike's more like a road bike and less like a mtb but still retains certain mtb attributes. Or get like a XC hardtail or somethin like that. For what you want bro seriously just go to like Wal-mart and look around.

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