Mould or Sticky trichomes???

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  1. Can someone please take a look at the photos, is this the beginning of mould or am I very lucky and got myself some resinous looking buds!!! 7 weeks into flower on my Hindu Kush Auto. I was away working for the day and when I came back they just seemed to have a very fuzzy look about them. Maybe just my eyes and the light after a long day but they have definitely packed on alot a milky colour!! Maybe I'm just panicking over nothing?

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  2. I am VERY concerned.
    Please send entire yield to me for analysis.
    I would tell you it looks fine but you may fail to send.:passing-joint:
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  3. Ha ha ha!! That's what I needed to hear, thanks very much but I'll be keeping these with me then :bongin:
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  4. Honestly a couple of those pictures would have me concerned for mould. Check with a loupe. Only way to know for sure. It will look like super fine spider webbing if it's mould.

    To me, at least one of those pics (first one) confirm at least some mould or a spider web.

    First grow using cfls.
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  5. That's what I was thinking MarcG420, definitely looks like a touch of fine spider webbing on the leaf!!!!! What's the best thing to do? cut it out and hope it doesn't spread or completely remove the cola??? sooooooo close yet so far!!!
  6. I'd cut out the affected bud.

    First grow using cfls.
  7. Mold
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  8. Ok thanks guys. I've cut off the 2 affected sugar leaves and I can't see any more any deeper into the bud.. the rest looks like milky trichomes! will she be ok??

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  9. so do I chop and harvest now and cut my losses or hold on???
  10. Don't see any mold. Looks to me like you've just got some seriously hairy weed. If it won't wipe off, it's not mold. But when your buds are long like that and they keep wanting to grow up instead of just fattening up. Need to bring your light down on closer to your buds especially toward the end of the flower cycle. The further away the light, the less good the plant gets from it. It's really hard to tell much from these pics, but the stuff looks fine to me. If your grow space is secure and you don't keep your soil too moist, I doubt you have any kind of webbing or anything like that. I've had our space going for years and years and have never had an infestation of anything in the way of spiders, bugs, etc. But your buds look fine to me overall. Be careful about taking someone's advice on here and running with it before you know for damn sure you've been told the right thing. Everybody wants to help, but you have no clue who you're talking to OR what their true experience level is. So just be careful...that's all I'm saying. You've worked long and hard to get those plants to that point. Don't want to do anything stupid and screw up your harvest. Best of luck. TWW
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  11. Mold for sure IMG_0267.PNG
  12. Thanks very much White widow, I'm gonna keep a very close eye on it and pray its not mould, I think I only have roughly a week to go till the chop anyway so I'll hang on till then and see if the swell a bit more! thanks again.
  13. I've cut out the leaves with that webbing on it, so hopefully that's contained it???
  14. I'd do the same, chop out anything you can see that is clearly mold,
    I imagine it's a personal smoke grow?
    Just be aware of what you got, I mean I can't recommend smoking mold as it can hurt you pretty bad, increase your airflow and ride it out, other than the couple little spots it looks very frosty

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal
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  15. Thanks boomboom yeah it's a personal grow, my first one so hopefully it finishes well and it'll give me more confidence to go again!
  16. You can know for sure by using a blacklight, BTW. It'll light it up for you. I'm not 100% whether or not the trichomes will light up with a blacklight BUT I think it's worth a try. Mould grows SO SO fast. I'd run out and I've in one and put the plant under it to check other places that aren't obvious yet. IMHO

    ☮️ and good luck!
  17. Also, this way you're not chopping unnecessarily, either.

  18. This dude saying watch who you get info from , first off don't listen to this jackass for sure . If it is mold than you most certainly have spores elsewhere . " wiping it off " its mold , you need to study some shit before putting out information .

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