motivational speakers,spiritual teachers, ect

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  1. dude
    i got an ipod for free from my bro(broke screen a little but still good xmas gift)

    it has soooo much space.
    and i wonder if theres random speaker tapes
    that may be usefull...
    i had some ram dass CD to weird electro music

    had it on my ipod
    my friend named it trip

    never knew why untill 6 months later when we listed to it at

    the perfect time.

    idk bored and looking for intresting stuff

    this is going to be a good year

    just wanna stay focused on things.
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    buzzwell man I never know what youre trying to communicate to us haha.

    Though you could try listening to more Ram Dass if you like him. Alan watts also has alot of good stuff on YouTube.. don't forget Terrance Mckenna
  3. He wants what his topic title mentions. Spiritual/motivational speakers/music.
  4. Oh.. well as for music, listen to some Bonobo or Little People. Better yet listen to them while listening to a lecture from one of the persons I mentioned.. you will have a legitimate religious experience
  5. links for doesnt work
  6. Ray Lewis has got great stuff.
  7. Laziness doesn't work*

    Most songs on the Dave Matthews Band album, Stand Up
  8. [ame][/ame]



    And for music...


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