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  1. Pretty new here and pretty baked hahaha but i've had this burning question for a while now that i've considered pretty deeply and wanted to share with people.

    Why is it that people make weed seem like it sucks every last bit of motivation and care out of a person if they use it often? I was a regular user, not daily, during high school and kept straight A's cause they always mattered to me. Even at the end of high school when i became a daily user i always had high grades and was very competetive in everything i cared about. Yeah i relaxed on turning stuff in late and other things that were not as big a deal as some people make it out to be, but i kept my shit together.

    Maybe it takes years and years of regular use to see a real problem, but over all it just seems to me that people are using weed as a scapegoat for a personality problem that they mightve already had? No offence to anyone in any way hahaha i just can't see how you could blame weed for not getting anything done unless you were literally high 24/7 off some extremely good shit
  2. If a person who smokes weed experiences a lack of motivation, he/she was most likely an unmotivated fuck to begin with.

  3. i guess thats pretty much how i feel about it except you didnt beat around the bush hahaha
  4. Don't think just because YOU stayed motivated everyone else will. Smoking cigarettes may cause cancer. A good portion of heavy users will develop cancer but some wont. I believe marijuana does cause a good portion of habitual users to become 'lazy'... Get over it
  5. It can make some people lazy. If you are like I used to be and smoked at least once or twice per day, and then don't do shit when stoned, that's 4-10 hours that I would just sit around being stoned and lazy every day. Luckily I came to the realization that I needed to quit and did. I feel much more empowered, like I can actually do things. I moved out, and am thinking about starting up school soon. It would have been impossible to go to school and work full time being a stoner but now I'm feeling pretty good about it. Now, the only time I smoke is very occasionally when my bro or one of my friends smokes me out.
    It can be great as a stress reliever and to relax but it should definitely be used in moderation.
  6. People react differently to drugs, and if they do not like it, or it affects others negatively they should stop making that interaction.

    Blame the person not the drug.
  7. this

    some people can and do experience a great loss of motivation (myself included)- imo, it's the user's responsibility to know themselves and decide on the best way to use marijuana

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