Motion detector?

Discussion in 'General' started by Grimz, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. I find myself looking at multiple lights on my neighbors house every time I walk by.

    They usually don't come on unless I'm close to them but sometimes I spot them from far away.

    I only see a green light fade on, then off. After about 2-3 seconds a red light will fade on then off.

    My question is, are these motion detectors you think? Or part or a elaborate security system? Maybe just glowing lawn ornaments.

  2. my city doesnt have street lights so its very dark unless people turn on their house lights. luckily i live in a suburb so its not like i need much light. anyways most houses here have motion detecting lights so when somone walks by it lights up so they can see as they pass. but ive never seen the green and red lights you speak of
  3. I think it may record me as I walk by or something
  4. just dont do anything questionable in fornt of it
  5. Yeah that's probably a security system, just don't do anything weird. Is this what you're trying to explain?
    the leds around the camera sometimes glow red at night when they are recording.
  6. Whenever I see a security camera, I whip out my dick and wave it at the camera.

    You want to monitor me? That's what you'll get, like it or not.:devious:
  7. I have not seen them in the light but u have never noticed anything that big. There must be about 10 lights.
    I think I would notice 10 huge cameras ha.

    Also I do not like to be recorded either it feels like a invasion of my privacy
  8. See those bulbs around the lens in the picture i posted? all of those lights will light up red, I think this has to do with the night vision.
  9. The lights around the camera pictured are in fact for night vision.

    It is most likely just motion detectors. Most security cameras wont have an indicator light like that. The light is going to green when the detector senses movement, and back to red when the movement has ceased.

    Motion sensing cameras are something rarely seen in a typical neighborhood. They are VERY expensive, and not really needed since storage space is cheap these days. Most security cameras just run 24/7, and the dvr rewrites over old data after a programmable period. The cheaper ones dont sense motion, but rather activate your dvr based on what the camera sees and starts recording, but the camera itself stays on all the time.

    If you can get a pic of them I can tell you what they are. I worked at one of our local prisons maintaining the camera, security, and door lock systems for a while. We had 26 buildings and about 48 cameras, and two dvrs per building.

  10. Motion sensing cameras aren't THAT expensive, it's the same technology in hunting cameras which go for $150-$300.
    [ame=] HCO Scout Guard Trail Camera SG550 - SG550-GRN: Camera & Photo[/ame]
    My dad caught me smoking in the back yard with one of these, but that's another story.
  11. Most of the ones we used for security systems were more in $1500 range. I don't hunt, so haven't shopped for deer cams.
  12. That is a fucking rip off, but people will pay anything to give themselves peace of mind.

  13. True they will. Even the $300 cameras would most likely cost $400 to $500 if you went through a security company.

    We tried cheaper cams at the prison, believe me they cut cost everywhere they could. The cheaper ones just didn't have the range or clarity of the more expensive cameras. Of coarse you have to consider environment too. In an escape situation you don't want to be looking at a grainy photo trying to figure out who bolted on you, every second is critical.
  14. And the worst thing about it all? Those cameras cost maybe $50 to produce, and that would be on the higher end of prices.

  15. Ha I remember when I first lived in the suburbs, me and a buddy walked down to a ditch to smoke a few bowls but the ditch was in the middle of two houses so when we went down there all there motion detector lights came on and the dogs started barking like crazy so we ended up just toking on the roof.:cool:
  16. I looked this morning and they look like butterfly garden ornaments but there is a black cylinder sticking out of the middle.

    I'm guessing camera or motion detector.

    Also this guy has about 7 plants he is probably trying to protect. He also built a little fence to hide them from the street. Or maybe to hang them on for drying

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