Mothership Glass: Saving The Globe One Dab At A Time

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Would you pay more than $1000 for a glass rig

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 1.53.08 PM.png
    Mothership makes some serious high-end glass. Striving to produce the best glass for consuming the best weed and concentrates, Mothership utilizes only the finest German-made Schott Duran Borosilicate Glass and the highest quality American-made color. From swing arms to joints, every Mothership piece is created in-house from start to finish.
  2. "I can dig it, I can dig it, I can dig it"
  3. Meh I'd save the 960 bucks and get a knock off jm
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  4. That's what I was going to say. You can get a knockoff on DHGate for $40 shipped. Personally, I can appreciate what Mothership is doing, but I'm just not fan of clear, clinical looking glass.
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  5. would i pay 2-3k for a rig yes, would i pay 2-3k for a clear anything? hell fucking no. all I do is dab and rigs dont need a ton of diffusion. Id get a heady ass ryno duckie or a bug glass robot. fuck a clear mothership and double fuck brothership. The dude running that company doesnt even blow glass, he just hired 12 people that do.
  6. hey bear look at this wierd shit
    n this mofukka sick!
    but just fer fun id think this here'd be yer shit dog
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  7. i fuck with that peach and blue cheese honey jar so much. when theres pieces like that in this world its amazing 3k clear eggs can sell. All that work is dope as fuck tho.
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  8. Motherships are hyped beyond hype so every trap lord wants it as a trap trophy.

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