mother's day

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    I cut and quick dried some of my LSD harvest that is 2 weeks away from being done.

    Haha I only cut a few nugs, I was thinking of '1 dozen chronic flowers' but thatd be like 1/3rd of a plant! Yea its nice to be able to smoke with the folks, shes as big of a hippie as I am!

    Will smoke that with her and take her to wherever she'd like to have lunch.
  2. ^^ nice!

    i tried to get my mom to smoke weed once.. but she's scared of "becoming a junkie" :laughing: she's 78 y/o so a little old school i guess :p

    not too old to smack me in the head if i forget to cal her today though.
  3. Woke up early an made my mom a huge breakfast, also with the help from my sisters and dad we got her a massage, an shes getting her nails done:D
  4. my mom just moved to a different state yesterday... :(

    i wont be spending mothers day with her this year, otherwise i probably would have taken her out to brunch like we did last year!

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