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Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, May 8, 2010.

  1. so...what is everyone doing for their mom/step-mom/granda/sister/aunt/girlfriend/wife/sister.... on mother's day??
    im getting my kick ass mom 8 dozen roses
    96 roses...hell, maybe ill just get four more to make an even hundred;)

    shes also not expecting them, let alone me, to show up at her house since i dont have a car rite im having my cousin (whos side of the family is in NY this weekend so he doesnt have anything to do sunday) bring me and the roses to her house that afternoon. :love:
  2. im not doing a damn thing. other than a text maybe.

    i hate holidays.

    i treat my mother well everyday, i dont need to be told to buy her shit on a certain day.

  3. I'm gonna get her a dozen roses and I'm taking her for a brunch at a nice restaraunt, then I gotta go to work.
  4. i'm gonna call my mom and wish her a happy mother's day

    and then i'm gonna take her out to dinner when i'm out in NJ in less than 2 weeks
  5. My mom has passed on. I'll probably just get a nice bouquet of flowers and take it to her grave site
  6. ^ That's sad man (lukas).

    Me and my mom don't get along great and I don't really feel close to her at all plus I only have $11 in my checking account and I'm tired of dipping into my savings so I will probably just get her a card at Hallmark. Meh
  7. this made me :(

    wish that day would never come... makes me want to drag my mom out to CA to live with me..
  8. my mom owes me 75 thousand dollars in backed up funds.
    shes dead to me.
  9. im stayin down at school all summer and i haven't had a chance to come home i came back up to my hometown to chill at my house for the weekend with my mom!!

  10. That's awesome man. I'm sure she'll really enjoy that :smoke:
  11. That's funny.


    I sent my mommers a card.

    I wish I had money to go see her.
  12. I'm makin' Mom Dukes a card, telling her "Happy Mother's Day" & giving here a hug.
  13. I don't have Sunday off so I already mowed her lawn,
    (honestly what she wanted)
    And got her orchids and a card.
    (Wasn't expecting that, and I got a dinner out of it)

  14. My parents are on vacation right now. They come back on sunday and Ill be at work all day but I picked up some flowers that Ill leave out on the table so my mom can see them as soon as she walks in the door. I will also be making sure the house is spotless for her return home.
  15. :( I work 11-7 on sunday... :/ I'll think of something.
  16. Probably going out on the lake with the boat or some shit. Not looking forward to it but it is mother's day..
  17. im glad to see that even tho some of you dont have a good relationship with your moms that you are still willing to TRY to give them a smile

  18. Im not sure what to do either. My mom is just starting to accept the fact that I smoke weed and still hasnt totally gotten over it, so I have that same problem of not having a good relationship with her. She says things to purposely make me feel awkward, and its hard to see her because of that some times.
  19. I'm too broke to go around buying expensive ass chocolates... But hey, I did it for my mum:love:
  20. happy mom's day to all you moms in here! :hello:

    ***must remember to call mom** :eek:

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