mother vs. father pollination

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  1. Is there any difference if i were to (hypothetically) , take the pollen from a male og kush plant and pollinate a female blueberry plant, or take the pollen from a male blueberry plant and pollinate a female og kush plant? How would the two end results differ?
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    very hard to say because there are all different phenotypes and how dna mixes and how dominant vs recessive genes will appear.

    there is really NO WAY to know how they are going to come out unless you are a serious breeder who does it on the daily.
  3. if you did that then took all the seeds you get from that and cross breed and breed them together until they all turn out the same or very similar you would have created your very own strain.

    now its not as simple as that though because you need to be aware of what traits you're trying make the plants have, otherwise you'll just have horde of randomly inbred plants.
  4. so is there a way to figure out if a specific plant has dominant phenotypes other than taking a seed stock and breeding them out? but basically what you all are saying is that the designated strain for the mother or father doesnt really matter, its just which one has dominant or reccesive phenotypes...right? thanks for your replys :D
  5. Correct... the first breed of X and Y will produce an F1 version of Z.. its usually
    pretty stable genetically,but when you breed two Z's together, you get all sorts of
    whacky shit, any trait of the mother and father (X and Y) can emerge.

    You need to grow a bunch of those F2s to maturity, see what ones do the best and
    have the qualities you like, make them seed, and then cross your F2 "Z" seeds with
    one of the X and Y original strains to begin to stablize it.. you gotta repeat this
    process several times before it becomes a really genetically stable "new" strain.

    Check this link for way more reliable info:

    Hope that helps!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  6. if you had a son and daughter, and your neighbor also had a son and daughter, and your kids go together with his kids, would the babies look the same?:D

    its not quite that simple, but thats the idea. the underlying genetics are too varied to ever really get the same thing twice unless you inbreed for at least 4 or 5 generations.

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