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  1. What's up homies, I've had a mother plant that I've been keeping alive for the past 4-5 months. It's been sitting in a 3 gallon pot for a long time now and I'm sure it's rootbound. I was wondering if it's possible to transfer her into a larger pot at this point? Is there a tenchinque to release the roots without damaging her? Or will she continue to grow if I just transfer her directly into a larger pot? Any info helps, thanks!!
  2. let the bucket dry out ..almost until the plant is wilting...then gently Jolley it out of the 3 gallon the base of the plant ..careful not to break it...when it's dry the soil "cakes" and contracts so it's easier to handle...don't try it wet...roots will rip off....after you have it out simply place it in a bigger container and surround with the same medium...then immediately water it....if it's root bound it'll take a week or 2 to get going ..but it will be patient...

    good luck and good grows

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  3. If the pot is plastic it helps to squeeze the sides a bit so it doesn't stick. I transplant a day or two after watering.
    Don't do anything to the roots, just plop it in some new soil.
    Consider using a smart pot or something to prevent it from getting root bound again.
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  4. transplanting is best done when the medium is dry..*universal knowledge....

    try it wet you'll regret..

    good luck and good grows...

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  5. Ah I actually have it in fabric pots, I forgot that's what they are meant to prevent haha, okay so a classic transfer can be done at any point in the veg stage? I usually transfer when it's wet, like a sand castle. Good info to know thanks man
  6. Thanks for the reply, okay so what I'm getting is that I can transfer it and I don't need to do any root pruning or anything like that. Why do you do it dry though? Do you usually shake the excess soil off before putting it into new soil?
  7. drying it makes the soil stay together Dude so when you grab the plant you grab the whole plant and the entire root system...

    please explain wtf root pruning may be as I am leaning towards adding that to the top of the WTF list of the day....

    do not ever prune roots be as gentle as possible and realize transplanting is stressful as hell and you could have an accident and break the main stem or annihilate roots which further sets you back

    good luck and keep us posted...

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  8. and no shaking excess anything try and transplant the entire soil cake without fuckin it up

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  9. Yeah you can transplant at any point, both in veg and flowering.
    When the soil is nearly dry it will slide out of the pot easier.
    And yeah, if you got them in fabric pots it's not root bound so theres no need to transplant (assuming they aren't the type that has a plastic liner inside).
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  10. I'm not sure if the technique is actually called root pruning, but with many other plants that are rootbound, some farmers will cut into the sides of the roots to allow them an area for new roots to grow out of.

    And wouldn't you risk less damage if the soil has been watered a couple days before transfer? In that case you could hold the plant upside down and simply slide the whole system out of the pot like a sand castle. In this case you wouldn't disturb any of the roots
  11. Hmm the only thing that still makes me wonder is why transfer dry and not partially wet? Doesn't wet soil clump up together better?
  12. man which ever way you think flies just don't damage the plant or its system...
    if it was me...I would dry it out ...then do the turning upside down method .(when it's dry it stays together better and weighs a lot less) ...and it slides out of the container a lot easier.......but IF YOU THINK it's better wet "sand castle " style then forward March Dude just don't fuck it up and you'll be OK...

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  13. I did a transplant yesterday with wet soil and the root ball crumbled. I would do it dry and be careful
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  14. I'll try it dry this time, thanks everyone
  15. yes I too learned like 18 years ago the hard way....killed a huge blueberry mother from. dj short trying to transfer it wet....I got the seeds from a site called emery in 1998 had the plant for 8 months then disaster struck and guess what....I learned...

    good.luck and good grows

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