Mother Of All Blooms? Any Experience?

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  1. Hey GC,
    I was going to go with the Roots Organics line for flowering, for free, no less...The thought of it was givin me very slight chubbage all season I was so happy....That fell thru:mad: so Im going hardcore chem....
    Picked up some MOAB from the Mad Farmer, its npk 1-52-32 + VitB as a buffer...I know it burns easy and Im going to be careful, but other than that I know very little about this product...
    Anybody out there ever fuck with this stuff before? Or know a dude whose girlfriends cousins friends brother has, or whatever?
  2. I heard it is comparable to big bud powder from advanced nutrients but cheaper (which I thought was good). I would be using it myself if I didn't go organic so that tells you a little about the quality I have heard it is. But since I am organic I won't be using that stuff. Only hydrolyzed fish, kelp, silica, humic acid, and molasses for me.
  3. Organic is how im going next year, budgeting and planning and weather and stuff were an issue for me this year so Im using a hodgpodge of different/leftover shit from last time... Thanks, yoc.
    Anybody else know anything?
  4. Dont use that its SHiT......Burns ur plants and workslike shit....

    Organics the way to go ...for sure...general organics is bomb my buddy used it for his indorr a few months ago BOOOOMB and im using it now for my outdoor and i love it
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    Think it'll still burn if i do a 1/2 tsp per 5gals.?(thats a half dose to start) plus im going to drop my normal nutes by half and eliminate my Humboldt Bloom from the mix while using MOAB. Or maybe 1/4strength MOAB supplemented with batshit? Ive got some sunleaves jamaican thats .01-12-10 i think...
    BTW, im using Humboldts Grow and Bloom, Earth Juice Micros, A bit of Roots Buddha bloom, epsom salts, batshite, molasses and agave nectar, AN's Pirhana innoculant, and some dynagro silicon additive....
  6. You put all that stuff together and it doesn't explode!? :) JK
  7.  How did using MotherOfAllBlooms work out for you ?

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