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  1. Hey fellas starting my first outdoor grow and hoping mother nature its on my side on this one :D 2 Og clones about 3 weeks old. Day 3 with natural sunlight, here's how I got them and today I transplanted them to a new hm. I'm doing this small project with my younger brother, come along! Any tips will be appreciated 1369617750108.jpg 1369617767495.jpg
  2. If your going to be growing those outdoors I would recommend growing in a minimum of a 5 gallon grow pot or bucket.
  3. Most definitely, I will be transplanting them to a 5gal in about 2 weeks or so :D

  4. How bout nutes? Using fox farm line. Grow big, big bloom, tiger bloom. I've read not to feed until it roots better? Thinking of feeding them grow big at 1/2 the dose (1/2 tbsp)
  5. What soil are you using? I don't typically feed nutes unless the plant tells me she needs them and that takes awhile since the plant feeds off of what's already in te soil.
  6. Natural sunlight = on window ledge? If so thats not the same thing as putting them outside in the sun. Make sure you harden them off prior to putting them outside in direct sunlight, or they will wilt over and die.
    Are you using any lights inside on them?
    Lastly, you plan on planting them outside? If so, amend the soil and put them in the ground! A 5 gallon bucket, is nowhere near big enough for an exterior plant. I would reccomend a 2ft x 2ft x 2ft hole directly in the ground. At that size, you are 8 cubic feet or roughly 60 gallons of soil. And that would be PER PLANT. Not a hole for all of them =D
  7. I run clones in Fox Farms Ocean Forest for ending up outside and find they do not need anything for the 1st month..
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    I'm using ocean forest soil. I will be growing outside starting next week but can't plant in the ground so 5gal it is (can't allow them to get too big), I've introduced them to sunlight behind my slide doors for a week now. I'm facing SE so they get about 8+ hrs of direct sunlight and about 8 of just outside sunlight They are showing a bit of nutrient def. A bit of purple on the stem. This will be their 4th week, I feel good about introducing a small dose of grow big. Thanx for all the input guys :D
  9. Almost 4weeks 1371179606391.jpg

  10. 4 weeks flowering. 1374282029050.jpg

  11. nice but you never put them in the 5 gal?
  12. Those are 5gl. I will put up some pics of the harvested bud soon......
  13. Just cut today. 8weeks. Inferno Og.


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  14. Pre trimmed

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  15. All trimmed and ready to be cured.


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  16. 1 week curing

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  17. nice job man looks straight up dank. hows the smoke?
  18. Yeah, very nice calipurpgrw510.  I'm impressed with your fine trimming skills!

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