mothballs+molasses Qs

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by reasoner22, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. i have some plants in growbags on my deck; also a small fountain+birdbath. damn skwerl would be welcome too if he didnt dig... tabasco around perimeter didnt work.what could i use that wouldnt hurt the birds? are mballs toxic?effective?

    also- does molasses draw pests? anyone use it?

    ty, brothers&sisters in cannabis:D
  2. your post got me curious as i have heard of many users of molasses and swear by it. I did some research and it seems that it is more of a repellent for fire ants than an attractant. I am kind of skeptical about this because later in my reading discovered that they use it to sweeten game feed, which worries me about deer which have left me alone this year so far, and it just seems that sweet things shouls attract pests no?. The benefit from what I read as far as utilizing the nutrients in the soil, improving soil structure, and adding trace elements when used as an amendment in my mind outweigh the risk of attracting pests. So I am going to experiment and water with molasses around plants and foliar spray one today just to see what happens. 2 tb unsulphered per gall for water and 1 for spray and see what happens. will let you know if I get munched.
    As far as your bird problem get a cat. ha ha
  3. birds good; squirrels bad- killed 2 small plants already. little bastids....what to do?
    so hows it going w/ the molasses,pat?
    peace+happy harvest to all:D
  4. Hey bros. No munching or pests like I was worried about. Just one more supporter of molasses. 2 tb per gallon.

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