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Most you've ever vaped (MFLB)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mofu Shaman, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone vaped like 20 trenches or something ridiculous like that? I have a theory that you could get the same extreme effects that you can get from edibles by vaping a massive amount in a short period. I tried to do experiment on my own but after five trenches, the kid who lives across the hall told me that the entire hall smelled (which was weird cause I've never had a smell problem from the mflb before). Anyways, please do tell any stories you might have.
  2. And it really doesn't have to be the mflb, but thats the only way I have to measure weed cause I don't have a scale...
  3. 15 trenches would put you down for the count if you did it properly and by yourself.
  4. ive always tried to vape a gram or two outta my SSV but i always get through like 4 bowls(like half a gram maybe) and either get so ripped i forget to pack the next or just get bored of vaping for like an hour lol. itd be easier with a bag vape i think to put down massive amounts of vaporage.

  5. i vaped a few treches, saved up some money, sold my mflb and bought an extreme q hahahaha
  6. I now use mine almost nightly because I live back at home right now and I believe I've vaped 10 trenches easily before. I have 4 batteries and sometimes I will sit in my bedroom and hit it almost constantly from like 11:00 to 4:00 in the morning just chilling playing xbox or playing on the computer.
  7. How did you feel after 5? the most I have ever done in a row was 2
  8. pretty high. I have vaped enough before to where I felt extremely light almost like i was drunk. I couldn't do anything but just sit and feel right. But it still a good high

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