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Most youve ever eaten

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sir Stoner, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Post your story of the most youve ever eaten while high, last night i ate 3 bags of wheat thins and im not feeling so good
  2. Driving around with a couple of buddies (blazing, vaping, drinking) This is between all of us, but I probably ate the most: full bag BBQ honey twists, full container of chocolate covered pretzels, full bag of seasoned broken up pretzels, 2 pints of ice cream, snickers, mini Reese's, junior mints, m&ms. Probably gained like 5 pounds that night.
  3. Well over the weekend about 2 weeks ago when my friend came back in town I had a pretty pigish session. Just got off a month T-break and I was smoking something that gave me the worst munchies I have ever had. Started with a wake-n-bake on Saturday.

    I was OK at first, just hungry. We went out to rent a game and grabbed lunch while we were out. I bought 2 foot long subs from subway. This is at about noon.

    Then came home and I was still looking for something to eat, so I at my BK double stacker that I left in the fridge and had a 48oz bag of Skittles. This was about 3pm when I finished the Skittles.

    All was well until we smoked again. Now it was time for pizza. Coming up on 5pm we head out for dinner and I grabbed another bag of Skittles as well as a DiGiorno pizza for myself. This time I got a half-gallon of ice cream for dessert. Chocolate chip cookie dough.

    Once I finished the pizza I was so full that I felt like I was going to vomit pretty badly. So I ate until I had a small feeling, then would stop until it went away. Then I took another bite and it came back and I waited again. I did this for the rest of the night until all my stuff was gone.

    I had the worst heartburn I ever experienced that night. Will not do again no matter how bad my munchies get.
  4. One time I went to this diner which was basically designed for gluttony lol. I had a 16 oz burger with (among other shit) half a pound of bacon, half a pound of cheese.. then I had a dinner plate stacked 3 inches thick with fries as my side, then for desert i had 6 deep fried brownies, 6 deep fried cheesecake triangles and a deep fried mars bar, all on top of a half gallon of ice-cream. I thought i was going to pass out when I left the place lmao. no jokes. that's the most i've eaten in one sitting.
  5. when i'm high and there's food around it doesnt matter how much there is all that matters is that there wont be any left
  6. I ate a bag of big marshmallows, not because they tasted good, but because their texture felt really interesting against my teeth. To no surprise, a massive stomach ache commenced.

    But I eat a crazy amount of food every time I'm high. It's instinctive for me to walk right into the kitchen after a smoke sesh.
  7. uh when i was 16 we smoked like a quad between 4 people and we went to mcdonalds, burger king and dairy queen and then to coldstone ice cream doesn't sound like much but it was
  8. sounds like a lot!:smoking:
  9. After not eating all day and working, I went over to my buddies house in high school and ate half a frozen pizza and six corn dogs. Next day was painful to say the least.
  10. Good thing i'm not the only one with the wheat thins problem

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