Most You've Eaten In One Day?

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  1. Bit of a random one but post :)

    - Toke up !
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    On one day, Im not sure, but one time I went to cicis s with my buddy, and I'm a pretty skinny guy and he's a little hefty, but we decided to have an eating contest. I downed 17 pieces of motherfucking pizza. He had 14 and tthrew up in the parking lot like a bitch. Good times, I didn't shit or eat until two days later though, felt aweful as fuck but it was a well earned victory.
  3. 17 pieces you fat fuck. I eat like 4k calories every day and it feels like a fuck ton.
  4. Me and one of my mates decided to have an eating challenge in KFC, both bought a large family bucket each, we both ate the entire thing, sides, fries and all. Felt horrible after.
  5. i ate 16 plates at golden carral high as bitch with my parents they were like wtf
  6. I swear one time I was with one of my old friends driving around smoking bud and we literally hit up 5 different fast-food restaurants through out the day I never felt more like a fat ass in my life. Spent a little too much money at that but it was well worth it at the time.
  7. Me and my buddy smoked a huge pork butt for 14 hours last summer and ate pork sandwiches, nachos, omelettes, pizza all day and almost ate the whole thing, don't know how much the meat weighed but we had some intense meat sweats going on!
  8. One day , when Noone was home but me and my friend, after my dad had gone grocery shopping the night before, me and my friend ate two full sized pizzas, 2 goldfish bags, and like way too many quesadillas
  9. I had a huge breakfast at a restaurant then had a box of pop tarts smoked again and had 2 frozen pizzas and a big ass bowl of cereal. I used the whole box of cereal and just threw it all into a big mixing bowl.
  10. 5 horny ladies.
  11. I've eaten 600g of pizza, with 4 big macs and double big fries + f**king bacon strips


    Most i've eaten in an hour.
  12. My mom went out of town for 2 days and i said fuck it. I dont eat fast food or unhealthy shit cause i work out a lot and generally try to live a healthy lifestyle but i told myself that for those 2 days i wasn't giving a FUCK.

    I posted up in the den with the bigscreen and all my smoking phara- and boxed out my den then got hungry... I went to krystal burger and got 40 fucking burgers. i got the burgers at like 10 AM that day and by 11:30 PM they were gone, so i went to taco bell and got 4 dorito taco supremes... ended up going back for more at 2 AM.

    There were cheeseburger boxes EVERYWHERE. I had stacked some then started to fold and make shit out of others, the whole den was out of commission.
  13. probably a tub of ice cream and a huge container of take-out chinese food.
    not too impressive, after reading the other replies here.
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    I eat a fuck ton everyday and dunno how much would be the most i've eaten but today so far i've had 5 bits of toast and some cereal for breakfast and 3 big macs an a cheeseburger for lunch.

    I normally just eat heaps of rice type dishes and Japanese food cause that's all my missus can make and i generally don't like fast food,But today i felt like maccas aha.

    I used to eat HEAPS when i was tryna gain weight when i was around 17
  15. I eat 6k calories a day so thats the equivalent of 40 pieces of cicis pizza
  16. I visited my cousins in Tucson last Christmas. At that point, I had gone almost half a year without any weed cuz I moved to a new town with no connects...anywho...

    My cousins are complete and total stoners. I hadn't smoked until a year before then, so they never knew I was in to it. When they found out they were stoked as shit and asked if I wanted to smoke with them, and what to get. I was like "You, get some of that Sour Diesel!!" and they did!

    Anyways, we ripped their zong in the back yard and my cousin's GF came and picked us up and took us to an all you can eat sushi bar.

    Huge fucking mistake/miracle.

    I ate like 4 huge rolls of sushi. It was AMAZING. Sushi in and of itself is like the greatest food on earth, but high...damn...I seriously think I may have shed a tear.

    My cousins kick ass.
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    During family weekend two years ago, I started Saturday breakfast at Cracker Barrel with three eggs, two slices of toast, a stack of pancakes, three strips of bacon, two sausage links, three cups of coffee, and two cups of orange juice. For lunch, we went to another restaurant where I had a Monte Cristo and a plate of fries. At the football game with my dad I ate two large soft pretzels. For dinner, I had a whole sushi roll for an appetizer. For the main course, I had a fillet mignon served oscar style (topped with a mayonnaise like sauce, crab meat, and cooked asparagus), for a side I had a king crab leg and baked potato. For dessert, I had a slice of cheese cake.

    Not a very big guy either. I am 5'6" 135 pounds with a wiry build.

    Edit: I never really "munch" when I am high. Instead, I will crave something sweet or salty and I'll have a candy bar and a hand full of potato chips and that will be it...

  18. N I C E... Fucking wish i could find a sushi buffett
  19. To clarify this was just my dinner, but I was smoking out my friends Suburban with some fine honey dips when we decided to hit up McDonalds, this was around the time you could get 50 nuggets for like 10 bucks, so I had 50 nuggets and a mcchicken, went home ten minutes later and downed 4 steaks, 2 full pizzas and sat there and grazed on about 30 Hersey kisses!
  20. Too high to remember

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