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Most unreal moments ever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by olylongbord11, May 14, 2011.

  1. Loading a bowl with my step brother for the first time, i thought we were close, but hot damn its like we reached another level of knowing each other.

    What unreal moments have you guys had?
  2. one time I shat an apple. then i ate it and re-shat the apple, didnt leave the bathroom for 2 weeks.

    failtorll im guessing hhaahaha

    but the first time smoking with my father was def. surreal
  3. I had one recently (4/20 actually). I was pre toking before meeting up with some friends. Very cliche, but memorable nonetheless.

    My room has a balcony (not rich, just very common in Germany). And last year I pimped it up. I put some astroturf down, and hung a hammock up. So I was out in my hammock toking, with some music playing from my room and I was just staring at the stars. I remembered someone telling me "the night sky is so much more interesting when you realise you're not looking up, but out". I basically just lay there for about an hour being all philosophical about life and shit, concluding with the realisation that I'm pretty damn happy with my life.
  4. ^ That is great.

    losing control of a moving vehicle is definitely a unreal moment haha
  5. Smoking a blunt with my sister definitely. She always said she would never touch weed but on my 18th birthday she decided to smoke with me randomly. Its always weird smoking with family for the first time, then it just because natural.
  6. Yea, my stepbrothers catholic and what not so i was never expecting to smoke with him, it was cool nonetheless
  7. Catholics can enjoy the herb too. :wave:
  8. Yeah, i just wasnt expecting him to be one that did

  9. catholic girls can also wear nothing but a school uniform skirt and dance in front of me, but that rarely happens
  10. :eek:

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