Most unique toking experience?

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  1. The thing I like about the herb is that it can be so different to so many people, and different to the same person at different times. So what's the craziest and most unique trip you've ever had on it?

    I was smoking with a good HS friend for the last time before we were going our separate ways for Uni. He had the house to himself so we knew we had to go hard. In terms of raw amount of weed, we went through maybe 6 grams via gravity bong and pipe. It was a crazy night and I can describe tons of the craziest stuff from it, but the peak was like nothing that's ever happened to me since.

    I took who knows which number rip, mostly because my bro was egging me on even though I was plenty stoned. I didn't think it was a good idea but I caved.

    Afterward I walked into the kitchen starving, and ended up eating a banana with chocolate syrup on it thinking it was the best thing I've ever tasted. Then it hit me. Suddenly I could vividly remember a childhood experience that I hadn't thought about in years. By "vivid" I mean I could remember the sights, sounds, and even my own thoughts and feelings at that moment in time with perfect clarity. If I closed my eyes it was like I was there.

    This happened memory after memory, maybe 12 in total. All of them were from my super early childhood, the most recent one being from when I was like 12. It was so crazy intense I had to hold the counter to stop myself from falling, and tears started coming to my eyes because of the uncontrollable amount of feels.

    It was in that moment I realized cannabis was the most marvelous thing on the planet and we were going to be very, very good friends for a long time.
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  2. I can kinda relate, I believe. This was like the first week I was smoking, once I built up a tolerance within a month it never happened again. I remember it felt like I kept remembering things from my childhood. Clearly. Every detail. It was weird. But then sometimes I had to "fiight" with my mind trying to remember if that really happened or not. And hell, I can't remember what it was now.
    And this all happened more when I was trying to sleep.
    I remember one of my friend's describing the same thing. Vivid feeling images that he can relate too, but then it gets fuzzy sometimes.
  3. Happened to me super early on too. Even after a 1-2 month long T break I haven't been able to rereach those levels lol.
  4. early on in my smoking life i used to get intense closed eye visuals, if i put a song on and closed my eyes it would be like i could see a music video appear in my head complete with backing dancers and full on choreographed routines it was mad
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  5. i used to get those too. back in my high school smoking days... id get home after a huge sesh with the guys, lay down, close my eyes and get these intensely vivid, rainbow fractals. wierd thing about the visuals is that they gave me a deja vu feeling. like ive been seeing these visuals in my past life or something. wierd right? those visuals stopped as i got older.
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  6. smoking a reggie blunt at the smoking center of hard rocks cafe, which was in the yankees stadium. There was a cop near by around the corner of the building and everything.

    That feeling when you're high and you walk into the stadium hearing 10s of thousands of people screaming at the top of their lungs; you can't help but scream too even if you don't know what you cheering for Lol.

    To be honest I wasn't even gonna light the blunt but I said fuck it.
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  7. For me it was faces that would constantly morph into a different face. Good times.
  8. ...smoking with my friends grandpa. Not as chill as youd think. Pretty weird actually.

    Ive gotten used to it now, but first time was a trip. Buddy lived in a trailer park a few hours away. My friend didnt sleep the night before in anticipation of the trip so he passes out the entire drive and when we get to his house he just goes back to sleep and i spend a whole day with dudes stoner grandpa (he had a grow room), and his wife. Grandma was actually fucking chill but this guy was just spaced. Couldnt even go outside because the moon was really weird too. There were literally a ring of clouds around the full moon. It was basically a halo. Super creepy.

    So yeah, smoking with old people is fucking weird

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  9. I remember one weekend where I went through 8 grams that weekend just by myself and at one point I just sat on my bedroom floor staring up at my curtains cause they looked like a giant wave towering over me.
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  10. Haha reminds me of a time way back, when I made about 10 very potent cookies (it tasted like straight nugbutter).
    It took me about 45 minutes to get it all down because it just tasted so fucking nasty after awhile; I believe I used a $100 stick of butter.

    After I got done eating them I was already gradually getting stoned, way faster than usual. So I laid on the couch and after a little bit, I was literally so stoned that I couldn't move.

    Then I had a faint idea to see how red my eyes were, but I couldn't fucking move. My mind knew I could move but my body was like nope you're staying.

    So it took me about 2 hours (Not joking)to finally walk 10 steps into the bathroom to see my eyes. Got fucking damn, I never seen eyes so red and small at the same time in my life. They were like my buddies' toad eyes he gets after he smokes x1,000.

    Then I attempt to walk back.. and I was struggling all over again. My body was just noping the fuck out of everything like, nope it's perfectly fine riight here.

    It took me another 2 hours to get to my sofa and I vividly remember the time because I couldn't believe it myself how the time just seemingly didn't matter to me during the stonest moment of my life.

    I immediately laid down on the couch and I put my headphones on and press play (on an oldschool iPod shuffle). Out of ALL the (1000 or so) songs, it played Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb. At that point I was completely obliterated by the full force of the edibles.

    Still to this day, I remember being inside the song. It was probably an out of body experience but it was one of the most surreal experiences of my life and I remember telling all my friends that they need to experience it with that specific song.

    I didn't even finish the whole song (I don't think) because next thing I know I wake up in the morning still on the couch. I was still high as fuck but not nearly as stoned as I was.

    It was 420 too so I missed all the planned meet ups with some friends and didn't realize it either. As nutty as that whole experience was, I don't think I'll ever experience anything like it again because it was truly a unique experience and I'm so glad I got to.
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  11. You didn't describe why smoking with the old guy was weird and creepy?
  12. Pfff, I regularly smoke with my gma and I've smoked with older people. Not so weird, everyone has their quirks, it's pretty cool when they take you back in their memories about what they used to smoke an do. My gma, was a straight hippie, tie dye, Woodstock the works. So, hella cool stories from her.

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  13. I remember I loved this dubstep/rap song called toast with wiz khalifa and I could close my eyes listen to it and I'd see wiz clear as day. Another time listening to so high by wiz I saw wiz and him and I no joke were chilling in the clouds it was like heaven but I don't even believe in a heaven and hell but it was complete bliss
  14. I want to get high like that.
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  15. I want to get high like that.
  16. You are only coming through in waves, your lips move, but I can't hear what you're saying.
    Edibles, no thanks. Lmao.
    Awesome story.

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  17. Those moments where you are stoned but have 'revelations' about your life.

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