Most Underrated Artist you know of..

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    Seriously, there's so much music in this world it's unfair and unfortunately a lot of talented artists don't get the attention they truly deserve because of mainstream. So think of any musician from any genre and post a video, picture, or even just the name of that artist you feel should be more appreciated. :)

    I don't know how to put up the video, but it's a video of Asher Roth, most underrated rapper of this generation, freestylin' with Kid Cudi.
  2. Black Thought from The Roots
  3. phonte from little brother

    the game
  4. 100% agree with Black Thought....

    KnowMads are my #1 though
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    roth is a joke, even in that video its a little painfull to listen to him



  6. SHAD
    ONE BE LO (of Binary Star)

  7. Yo, I saw Shad live...very very underrated. Stage presence is amazing too. He rocked it. I was there for Macklemore as was everyone else, and you could tell he created a lot of energy in that room.
  8. Elliott Smith
    Modest Mouse
    Wolf Parade

    They aren't completely unknown, but for how good they are they deserve way more recognition
  9. Was that in NYC? Macklemore AND Shad? Oooh i am envious. Damn son, i would give my left nut to go to that show lol he's def someone you should keep your eye on, I hope he blows up soon he's got mad stage presence.

    Did he break out his guitar skills?


    Damn, i would do anything to meet this guy, he seems so cool and modest. I hope he comes to KC soon! Awww im so jealous you saw him and macklemore, that's the recipe for a dope-ass show!
  10. [ame][/ame]

  11. secret chiefs 3 are my fave right now, and they offer something for most anyone. I would post it, but I have NO clue how to on an I pad
  12. Joe Budden
    Los (Shooter)
  13. Mike Patton
  14. K Rino
    Z Ro
  15. In Dying Arms.
  16. I'd say a local band that involves some hands and a dark parasitic creature that is quite popular in these tween-romance movies.

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