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Most stuff your parents threw away

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dutiespunx77, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Ahhh while I was at work my mom found a quarter I paid 120 for that I only smoked 3 bowls out 80 dollars sherlock, and 25 dollar shitty acrylic bong.. 225 down the drain..Make me feel better anyone else get alot of shit thrown away haha
  2. what was ur punishment for haveing a fucking QP?
  3. he said a quarter, not a QP. ever heard of a 120 dollar QP?
  4. Sucks man. I've never had anything stolen, taken, or broken (weed or a piece)... *Knocks on wood*
  5. when i was still living at home.....

    ...nevermind, my mom is THE SHIT. if i left my bowl, or bag in my pants pocket and she happened to wash clothes that day id always find it in the bottom of my basket, under some clean, folded clothes.

    but then again we'd always have discussions on the mildness of marijuana, and how it should have long since been decriminalized. only thing she had wrong is "ill get over being high all the time". don't see that happenin.
  6. ohh my bad im really high
  7. i had a 50 glass pipe, a 22 dollar glass bowl(bong bowl and slide, not spoon) my peanut pipe(actually looked like a peanut) and 100 glass bong(9 1/2 inches) borosciallite glass with a beaker bottom, held 1500 militeres of smoke, and an ash catcher, that was pretty cheap. all in all 172 bucks in glass gone, and they found my qp, 600 bucks, but they atleast had the respect to have a discussion, and they didnt throw that away, they just said i couldnt have it, i was still living at home and my rents work for the govt so i cant smoke at home, but they atleast had the courtesy to freeze it for me, so at least it wont go bad. but i cant have it until i move out
  8. Ive never been caught but one time my mom found a dime on my floor that fell outta my pocket, i said it was my friends lol

    *knock on wood* i dont ever get caught
  9. A quarter for 120?Fuck, we get halves for that price in NZ
  10. my mom found my ounce and threw it away and when i found out she did that i called her at work and told her that thats like throwing away 200 bucks and i told her to let me sell it and make the money back at least, and then she actually told me where it was. after that i smoked that up real quick and told her i sold it.
  11. Haha your mum doesn't want you to smoke bud but she's all good with you dealing it? lol..
  12. EPIC 3 post fail!
  13. Haha yeah I was posting it just when the forums fucked up a few minutes ago
  14. When I got arrested my mom searched my first and only glass piece ive ever owned and made me smash it with a hammer:(:( Worst day of my life
  15. NOTHING.. cuz since i was 12 [6 years] they have yet to find my stash ;p
    i would die if my mom or grandfather found my QP or HP's in my drawer... lol
  16. all i have had was my 25 dallor grinder, and another pos grinder, a 40 dallor pipe and like a .5 of some buds
  17. Just a home-made bong me and my friends created... Still a lot of fond memories associated with it =(
  18. lol, a 10 sac of crappy mids and a tinnie :D. AND MY JOINT PAPERS! <-- the only thing i cared about.
  19. I just got home from school and found my room ransacked and my first and only bowl (which is fucking awesome, it's shaped like an elephant and i'm very attached to him) stolen and either hidden or thrown away. Which is bullshit because my dad smoked every single day for thirty years, and he likes to lie about it and pretend I don't know and talk about how weed is so bad for you yadayada. I'M SO ANGRY I CAN'T EVEN TYPE RIGHT. Like I'll buy more weed, whatever, but like really, you're gonna trash my room and steal my bowl?
  20. ^Wait ur dad still smokes weed or he used to smoke before?

    Anyways in both case that's a dick move why the hell would he pretend he hates pot if he smoked it for 30 years?

    And stealing your bowl is even worse. I mean, back in highshool my mom found my glass pipe with some weed and trashed them, but she's anti pot. I don't get why your dad would do that if he smoked for 30 years, which means he obviously likes weed.

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