?Most stable strains available?

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  1. I'm about to start my first growing operation, and I plan on getting REAL serious with it. Since I will not have a good mother plant, I want to know what the most stable strains of weed are for consistently producing excellent bud.
  2. Any good strain is stable. Buy seeds from a reputable seedbank or clones from a reputable source.
  3. just go for your classic strains and avoid the silly designer strains. the "famous" names that have been around for a while are like that for a reason.
  4. northern light, ak-47, white widow, theres way to many to name off, just buy from a reputable bank and you will be fine
  5. Most feminized seeds are like clones they will pretty much all look the same,except a renagade here or there.Skunks are always a good bet as well
  6. I was already leaning toward a fem strain, not for that reason, but that's a great point. Thank you. You will probably see a lot of me around here once I get rockin on this 100% organic operation. I can't wait!!!
  7. As said before, the "classic" strains should be the most stable. I'm a big fan of the breeders "Barneys Farm." I've grown their Red dragon and I have a Crimea Blue seedling right now. They are by far the two most impressive plants I've worked with.
  8. i like the indea lemon cheese strain am growing at the moment ,very robust and strong plant and a great grower,very busy and short and great for lst .
  9. I can't say enough about Dutch Passion's Strawberry Cough. Very, very nice. I get mine through Attitude, and it's the only strain I always do at least one plant of with each grow.
  10. go with any 8-9 week strain high thc and yield best seed companys greenhouseseeds dna gentics/reserva privada nirvana.
  11. i forgot barneys farm is very good too first choice though greenhouse try the church and lemon skunk and trainwreck you wont be dissapointed.
  12. I like greenhouse seeds, but they dont ship to the US. I think I"m going to either order a strain from them or Barneys from Attitude Seeds. Attitude seems to be the best site I've come across in terms of price, reputation, and selection.
  13. Dr. Chronic used to ship Greenhouse Seeds to the U.S....check there
  14. attitude sells greenhouse seeds too, thats where i got mine

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