Most Sketchy/effective Improvised Piece Youve Ever Used?

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  1. just wondering what you guys have experienced im your times. what's the sketchiest but most effective improvised piece you've ever used?
  2. Hmmm...Well, when I was in middle school, just starting to smoke regularly, my friend had this improvised pipe that was basically a ping  pong ball wrapped in duct tape with a small copper pipe protruding out at an angle, and a socket on top for a bowl. It straight up looked like a crack pipe, and couldn't have been healthy to smoke out of.
  3. Too many to count lol, a couple years ago when I was in 10th grade me and some buddies were high as fuck at our friend's house, when I was inside my bong slider fell out of my pocket on the couch. I didn't realize until I was outside and his mom came out to ask all of us "WHO'S IS IT!" And I just say it's mine, before she was about to speak, I said it was a piece to my tuba. She honestly looked like she believed me for a second until I started playing my fingers in the air like a trombone (I was stoneddd) haha. She just gave it back and went back inside, the funny part is, I ended up smoking with her once!
  4. made  bowl out of a stick with a pocket knife when i was baked and it ripped but that shit was rough 
  5. In front of a school in a bus shack. Week later the principal raided the bus shack.
  6. I lit a bud on my thumb nail and inhaled lol
  7. When I was younger I used all types of shit.. 1/2 a broken bowl and a 2 liter bottle to make a ghetto bong, simple wood pipe I made in shop class, little one hitters out of pens in school, the list goes on lol
  8. i had some bottle bongs... but i always used the same stem for them that i made out of some copper. there was no bowl, so we would roll a J and stick it in the tube. it worked lol.
    after i lost my smoking tools to the cops, i made a bubler out of a small jar with a stem i bought at a head shop and a copper pipe for inhaling. that thing is the most pro piece ive made lol, still use it. 
    since glass is too expensive for me and i have no place to hide it, i bought a small 30cm acrylic bong and a new longer copper pipe, turned my bubler into a precooler.
  9. Just like most of he blades said, when I was younger my hommie would make water bottle bongs. I fucking hate them. But they got me high tho lol
  10. gravity bongs are super effective. i'm thinking of putting a vape hose into a GB sometime and taking hits from that
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    haha so many fuckin times when i was younger and pieceless.
    Yesterday I was chilling at my community college all day and i forgot a piece to my gravity bong so i made a dent in a soda can and poked a few holes and made a carb in it lmao. Oh and my lighter also ran out of fluid but since its florida and hot as fuck i went in the woods and sparked up with this little magnifying glass i have attached to my keys. haha so sketchy but i got pretty high man sunlight hella conserves your weed  :laughing:
  12. a carrot
  13. One time I was down by the river like down a slope and through a path from a park,
    all I had on me was a bowl and lighter, so I began looking for something,
    I found a square of cardboard like the back of an action figure box or something, but it was covered in sand! So gently rinsed it with river water and put it on a rock to dry, it was real hot out so it dried quick, so then I ripped and rolled it into a little cardboard straight pipe. After hitting it a couple times I looked up and saw that a fisherman down the river was looking right at me...that was akward.

    One time a attempted to smoke a bud sandwiched between two quarters outside of walmart.
    That was pretty ghetto.
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    I remember making bongs out of powerade bottles (pen downstem connected to socket duct taped to the bottle) and bought three and sliced them up to make a 2 foot powerade bong and smoked an eighth in it and watched Friday man <3
    Wrote on that piece "NASA 2012"
    Now I got the extreme q, how fiendish young maturing stoners are
  15. one time i was at the chicago lakefront, i had biked there from my house about 30 minutes away with some weed, a water bottle, and some tinfoil. of course, i was planning on making a ghetto pipe out of that stuff and then smoke out of it before biking for like four hours (i get paranoid about having a piece on me since there are cops all over the lakefront beaches). 
    so i get to my usual spot and my water bottle pipe won't work, so i got pretty annoyed. then i had an idea. i literally twisted the tinfoil into a pipe. i know, it's so bad for you, but at that point it was necessary for completing the mission
  16. A pen cap

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  17. Tinfoil bowl and Sobe bottle gravities. Man it got us FUCKED UP!
  18. Ive done that

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