Most Rediculous Thing You've Thought Of While High

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    When I think of being so stoned to the point that I'm having ridiculously outrageous thoughts, this is the first memory that comes to mind. Granted it might not be the most outrageous thing I've thought of when high, but it's definitely up there:

    I was driving around in my car, high as fuck of course, enjoying the breeze in my face. By the way, this happened right when I was in the middle of my extremely heavy period of smoking and was stoned as fuck more often than I wasn't, so it kinda makes sense. Anyways, I was driving along the road when I suddenly smelled a strong, permeating odor of skunk. I was so fucking ripped that my first genuine thought was literally "there must be a field of marijuana upwind, I wonder if I can find it" took me a good minute or two of just sitting there focusing all my mental energy before I noticed how absolutely ridiculous that sounded to any person who wasn't high as all fuck. After the realization that I was so high I was thinking blatantly retarded thoughts, I thought about how it was probably just skunk roadkill giving off the smell, and that I had to be high to an uncomfortably retarded level where mental capacity is significantly diminished, to even consider the possibility that a field of ganja was growing nearby and that's what I was smelling... much less the idea of me stumbling upon it. This is the only situation I can recall where I was genuinely alarmed at how negatively smoking a shit ton of good weed could affect my thought processes.

    So tell us blades, what are some memorable ridiculosities (what an awesome new word I've just created) that've popped into your head when you're high as shit and literally made you take a step back and say "Wait, what? What the fuck?"
  2. one time i was rolling on extacy for about two straight weeks and i was so thizzled out i thought that you could put a E pill through ur eyelid into your brain i dident relize it was retarded until i posted a thread and asked my freinds and everyone called me retarded thats when i stopped my two week e bingeXD
  3. Dayyuumm, I felt fried after a 2 day binge!

    Oh, and I got super baked one day and had the urge to play old school mario for a few hours. And then I was walking over to my buddies house and I coulda sworn I saw one of those gold coins, so I went to look for it but then I realized how rediculous that sounded.
  4. I was pissing and pushed way too hard, and then apologized to my penis for pushing too hard. :(
  5. I was listening to music with the visualizer on and I swear I saw how life was created, It was this two blobs with spinning colors in them coming together and they formed 5 other blobs. It was awesome.
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    First time I ever smoked salvia, I took a huge rip of 40x and was pretty much instantly put in a cartoon. I thought my two friends next to me were a tree and a stop sign, my friend in front of me was the sun, and I was a road.

    After about 10 minutes of that, I ended running out of my friends room screaming at the top of my lungs, woke up his parents and then proceeded to run down this bike trail until I instantly snapped to and couldn't figure out where I was.
  7. Wow lol! one time i was stoned and someone told me to turn on the lamp and i put a lighter to it and tried to hit is like a bong:D
  8. i got all worked up and paranoid one night, smokeing white widow all by myself. i also had a small case of the diarrhea, and i was afraid to sneeze thinking i'd shit myself. needless to say, after a couple sneezes (it was hay fever season) and not sharting, i figured i was good to go. well, i wasn't good to go. my fears were realized, as i did have a big sneeze and guess what? i splattered my favorite boxers.
  9. +rep. this is a really good thread, OP.

    I once got really high on shrooms, (it was my first time) and my friend was wearing this really vivid blue tshirt. I didn't notice until the rich color side effect kicked in how beautiful the color was and I stared at it for like 30 minutes. I looked around and thought I was in a video game for like 15 minutes. I was convinced that someone had beamed me into like a fucking nintendo cartridge and I was stuck there forever.

    It waas horrible. I started crying.
    But then, my boyfriend, who was sober, told me that what I had just told him was really retarded.

    And I realized that it was inded, retarded. My trip was awesome after that.
  10. Seems reasonable :wave:
  11. The second time I smoked 20x salvia, I started crawling around on the floor looking for muffins. In my mind, muffins were small, brown smurflike creatures. I was on my hands and knees crawling around my room for a good five minutes searching.
  12. what a waste.
  13. What a waste ahha ur names speedball have fun stopping your heart (IMO i normally dont care about life choices but when u critisize mine all do the same back)
  14. one time me and my friend were sitting in his back yard looking at the sky (yea sounds pretty gay but were so high ok) and there were awesome looking clouds. and i was like,"wait, dude, look at the stars, think about it, were on the earth, rotating through space right now" then he paused for a second and was like , "oooooooOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH" haha

    i always think deep about shit like that cuz im majoring in mech engineering
  15. I was tripping on DXM one night when I decided I wanted to visit my high school teachers, some of witch I had not seen in a while. (I live close to my old high school) I grabbed my jacket and headed out the door, intent on talking to my English and history teachers, when I arrived at the school I realized that It was two in the morning and that there was nobody at the school.
  16. I get /good/ ideas when dancing with maryjane. And no real 'thoughts' with sister sally D.

    But DXM? Ho shit.

    I had the idea that me and my friends should build animatronic skeletons, designed by people at Blizzard, to act as a portable roadshow tour for a new virtual band, called 'Curare'. And after putting out a CD that doesn't sell as well as the last, rig the stage and animatronic skeletons to suddenly explode in a violent thermite reaction, overlayed with a creepily soothing, monotone voice of Lucifer welcoming them back to hell, from whence they came. And thus ended the band, abruptly.

    I still think the (vivid) mental imagery of this semi-hallucination was the coolest... thing... EVER!
  17. i want what you're taking
  18. that maybe one day America will abandon its shitty capitalist ways,
  19. one day i was stoned, smoked 3 joints and 4 bowls between 2 people, and we were in my friend's room that i was smoking with. i sat there for a minute staring at her dresser, and when she tried to say something i told her to hold on. i practically yell "dude, i can make a bong out of your dresser!" i explained the whole process to her, which involved removing the drawers and sealing cracks, then filling it with water, and finally making holes to suck and put the weed. she still brings that up whenever i have a stupid idea.

    another time i had a different friend stay at my house. we stayed out smoking and drinking all night, then went back to my house and got a maybe 3-4 hours of sleep. i packed a bowl before bed of something i bought that night that my dude called "hundun". well, it got me EXTREMELY fucked up. the second i opened my eyes when i woke up i saw the bowl, packed, and hit it. i woke my friend up and she hit it. we kept packing and emptying bowls till we couldn't move. after lighting a cigarette from the wrong end, i found i had the energy to stand. my friend stood too, on my bed, and...well, we started smoking the ceiling. we held our lighters up to it, sucked, then said things like "damn, this ceiling hits good!" and "i'll sell you an ounce of ceiling for $200!"
    :smoke:smoke another one!
  20. Well, I don't know if you would call mine retarded but...

    I was driving down the road...high....and I thought "If every human on the earth vanished would the average temperature go down?"

    lol...would that be a retarded thought?

    I'm high right now.

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