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Most potent weed you ever smoked

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by J-Toke, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Im the type to never buy regs, so i usually buy dro, but the 2 best weed strains i had were :Chronic and orange crush
  2. now i dont know the exact strain per say...but this crap had orange hairs that clung to your finger when u dipped ur finger in the bag....oh yea and it smelt like some tropical mixture of fruits.

    green crack is also very dank
  3. Green crack..? Hah, wow. Never heard of that one.

    I'm afraid around here I get it from a good friend because he's got great connects and always hooks me up, but he never asks about strains. Lately he's had a huge supply of this super green and really smelly shit, I'm trying to find the name of the strain out from him.

    He actually did get me some orange crush 3 weeks ago, when it was circulating around the town. But this shit I'm talking about seemed better than that. =\
  4. either green crack or trainwreck for me.
  5. im trying to get my hands on some white widdow or white rhino, i heard that shit is great
  6. Mmh , I've have to say Strawberry Cough, this new batch is pretty good to though.
  7. i smoked some insanely high potent purp buds one day, three of us stoners went home to sleep after one small bowl...i want to try more highpriced strains.
  8. Lemon G was a great strain I had a few days ago really super green w/ a fruity lemon flavor to it. I really like Ak-47, Cindy/c-99,and the best ine iv'e smoked that i can remember was Atomic Haze when i went to amsterdam a year ago
  9. my top 3 are sweet tooth, white widow, and champagne
  10. white widow and white rhino were both very good to me. so very good.
  11. NY sour diesel, Purple Haze (real purple haze not the break off strains), and Northern LightsxOriginal Haze are all amazing and taste beutiful.

    Best regs here in NY is Mango Pina tastes great
  12. purple power
  13. the best three starins I had were Cali Mist. AK-47 and B52 that shit is the bomb gonna grow that shit soon had me coughin the first hit smells like fresh lawn clippings better than AK-47
  14. The best weed I ever smoked came from my friends Dad. I have no idea what it was, but 2 hits got me higher than I have been since the first couple times I blazed.
  15. Most potent bud ive ever smoked was some Pennstate a local strain somone around here grows (doesnt sell the only way you can get it is pretty much trading him some major dank or trading him stuff lol)

    You smoke it from a hittie and its pretty intense 1 hit off the hittie is enough for a few hours... ive seen people pass out from taking to big a hit off it.

    Im spose to be getting a quarter this month ill make sure to get some pics no promisses though a buddy is trading him a gun for 100 bucks worth (value of the gun) and he was going to sell it to me sense he needs the cash not the stash :D
  16. i smoked some really sick dro one time that got me and two of my friends high as hell off of a very little amount and we all have very high tolerance so i was impressed i also get this shit with orange hairs called "gas" and my friend is gonna hook me up with some sour diesel really cheap so im excited about that.
  17. The craziest was def this shit that I got from my friend's bro, who is a crazy ass stoner. I was at his house and I asked if his bro had any, and we looked, but didn't find any, but scraped from the bottom of his drawer about 1/20 or less of a gram, and I smoked it. BY FAR the highest I've ever been. Best visuals ever. And I am not was fuckin nuts. But, besides that phantom ass shit, the best was white rhino. We got a qp of it for 800, and I probably smoked out 50 different people throughout the course of having it, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON agreed it was the dankest shit they had ever had...mmm
  18. mmmm....purple kush....drool
  19. My homeboy sells this shit he calls 'Strawberry Haze.' He's a cool mexican guy n all, But this aient no out of the world shit if this is the real deal.

    I dont give a fuck when someone tells me names. I dont believe them unless i know the grower and trust the grower.

    So maybe it is, Maybe it isnt. He sells his nicks, Which are $15 but also about 2 cigarillo blunts worth. Decent weed, Red hairs and crystally and always jus a nug or two. Taste good n all but the buzz aient all there. The buzz aient the greatest i thought. Ive had much shittier appearing and tasting weed and got much more blowed then this shit.

    But the most potent i ever had was homegrown shit my brother grew, But straight bagseed but from good looking buds and good seeds.

    So this shit tasted great, Fresh, Fluffy, Tasty, And amazing creeper weed.

    My dads boy M, My pops bought off him from years. He smoked this shit a few years back. Left soon after like thats some bullshit weed but tastes good.

    He went to home depot to get some shit i dunno remeber what but he told us. And called us and said hes in home depot but has no fucking idea why. And said he's on his way back he wants some of this bud. HAHAHAHAH!!! This dude been smoking longer then ive been alive. 25+ years. And said this is some of the best weed he's ever smoked and he smoked nothing but the exoitcs.

    Ive smoked a ton of name brand shit, Blueberry, Fruity Pebbles, White Rino, Strawberry Haze, Kush, The list goes on but i dont know if they real or jus nukkas makin up names.

    But my bro's homegrown beat them all.
  20. Pot of Gold from Cartoon Network

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