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Most potent drug, hard drug, etc?

Discussion in 'General' started by hoast, Sep 14, 2005.

  1. What do you guys think is one of the most intense, potent, hard drugs available (or, not available)

    I'd usually say "crack, heroin" but I mean.. there's gotta be shit I cant think of right now.. My old buddy has had acid crystals in the past, which is the crystal for of acid before its into liquid.. the most pure potent type of acid, but thats not really that strong..

    Does any body know what it would be, or a runner up?
  2. fennatal or somthing is supposed to be 100 times more potent then heroin. However acid is the most potent drug known as it is active in the microgram
  3. The pure isolated alkaloid from salvia is one of the few substances on earth, taken for fun, that really should be measured out by the Mic. not the Mg.

    Along with acid...
  4. well technically the post potent drug is salvia.
    Its the strongest hallucingentic known to man.

    However besides that I'd say Sherm.
    lol sherm sounds so nasty and dirty...and is to.
    Its basically a cig/joint/blunt dipped in fermaldyhyde....nasty shit.

  5. sherm is pcp man..

    shermhead = pcp user

    i had a joint dippd in pcp
  6. ^^^how was that?

    and i would saw the worst drug would be meth.
  7. Id have to say Crystal Meth
  8. Either way sherm is nasty.

    But when it comes down to it---
    tweak/meth is probally the worse, based on just the fact alone that it destroys peoples lifes, familys e.t.c. and ontop of it--the horrible effects it has on the body and the mind.

    fucking tweakers.
  9. theres probably something in the rainforest that we havnt discovered yet that is the most potent, but that adrenlcrom stuff from fear and loathing in los vegas seemed pretty crazy.
  10. adrenecrome or whatever is fake, but I bet that doesnt stop people from injecting raw adreneline
  11. Man, you don't have to inject raw adrenaline. Drop the needle, fool! *Mr. T face* That's what tweak gives you - adrenaline. In effect it squeezes your adrenaline gland, releasing more adrenaline and other hormones.

    Anyway, the most 'potent' drug I've ever used is acid. But I've never tried salvia or PCP.

    The most potent 'hard' drug I've ever used is meth. It's way more powerful than crack, and it's close with heroin, but I'd say that meth is stronger.
  12. i really want to hear some stories about PCP
  13. PCP is a really good drug.. i like it

    its not really a hallucinagen but definately a psychoactive

  14. nah man, adrenochrome is just oxidized adrenaline, u can make the shit from epinephrine.... but it aint like in the movie where u jus put a drip on ur tongue and trip face, u gotta either shoot it or take alot more than a drop n it makes ur heart feel like its gonna fuckin blow out but u dont trip face like u see in the movie
  15. I've talked a lot about some of my PCP experiences here... I've seen it classified some places as a hallucinogen, but in others as a disassociative. I believe it to be more of a disassociative - as it's the only drug that I know of where you are considered clinically insane while on it. My worst drug experience ever was on PCP. I had a truly disassociative reaction (Disassociative = pyschotic break = you get to see the world through a schitzophrenics eyes - literally).

    I don't know why people keep saying Salvia is the most intense hallucinogen known. It's not (unless this has been changed recently???). LSD is. The amount of LSD crystals equivilant to a few grains of salt will make you hallucinate. It's the most powerful hallucinogen known to man, natural or otherwise. Salvia would be a close second... Again, unless it's recently been changed, which could be possible. I haven't checked in to it for a while.

    But yeah, I'd have to say the most intense drug is PCP or LSD. LSD may not really be considered a "hard drug", but the experience can be extremely intense - especially at higher doses... I've eaten 10 hits before, and it was more intense than my bad PCP trip... But the bad PCP trip was definately a lot scarier. I seriously thought I was going to die that day - or be crazy forever...
  16. for me, in terms of potency, i'd have to say Salvia. Just because of how little it takes and how intense the trip is.

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