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Most people are new souls.

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by MrVoorhees, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Damn, sometimes you guys are harsh.....If he wants to share something of himself on the board...why does that offend you?
  2. Yeah me too.. but the argument against us "DERP look at all these dumb fucks I'm in COLLEGE lololololol"
  3. my fictional account is better than yours.
  4. Interesting, though unlike most people on these boards I am open to most ideas. The very thought of conscious recycling intrigues me, however I am stumped upon the very notion that some would choose to be born in poverty struck 3rd world countries.

    Intuition is something that's been coming out further inside my mind, perhaps it is me subconsciously telling myself, or it could be "true self" guiding me along another lifetime.

    Lately I've been having thoughts about my thoughts, and simply reassuring the positive, and relaxing a lot more. If it is true I create the reality around myself, than I am definitely changing for the better.
  5. Good to hear man! Positivity is the only way to go.. pessimism leads to loneliness IMO.
  6. I've lived a large portion of my short life wallowed in self loathing and pessimism, the past year or so I've been doing a 180 with my mentality about things. Quite frankly, it is working out for the best.

    To anyone who thinks you cannot do something, change that mindset and you will surprise yourself.
  7. I'm in the same boat my friend.. I've just recently began to change my attitude back to positivity the last 3-4 months, and I gotta say, it feels amazing. It's like floating on a raft.. The best part is, drugs don't even seem as necessary anymore, but ganja always feels way better now.

    Sometimes we like to play the victim.. but the only crime is our own doing. Life is what you make it.
  8. Billions of people, billions of situations, billions of personalities.

    The world will never agree on anything 100%.. "To each his own." is the perfect mindset :D
  9. i am an older soul, and an introvert by is difficult maintaining in such a young souled world.
  10. I really enjoyed reading it. I was nodding my head throughout the read.

    If I may add one thing though... to the difficulties of being a human.


    Different souls from different corners of the universe gathered here on earth, to perform an experiment on how to create the kind of energy that is the most sacred and the most powerful.

    The experiment required souls from not only different parts of the universe, but also from different dimensions as well.

    And it is extremely difficult for being from different dimensions to mingle with each other, because they are at such different levels.

    It's like a grown man is trying to talk to a new born baby.

    Or a monkey is trying to communicate with a man.

    I don't know man... weird stuff.
  11. Dude, crazy. Message me. Feel the exact same wAy, I've been hospitalized against my will and diagnosed bipolar twice. I'm currently going through "manic episode" but don't feel the doctors have it right. I feel enlightened, I did heavy shroom use and shaman research in 2006 and haven been the "same" sense, but I feel as though I'm a far better enlightened person. You helped me so much its not even funny, and itruely mean that.I have so many ideas and inventions and philosophies iwantto share and spread across the world, it is insane.

  12. Agreewithyall as well,I'm glad I did a search for the"6th sense" o. Here, already a community I fit into talking the exact same things going on in my life currently. This isn't coincidenta
    . I turned my back on all of my philosophies and "crazy thought" because of my hospital stays and what doctors told ,e.each time stopped taking my mess, said fuck everyone, and just took care of myself. I'm an engineering student that dropped out after his associates because school pissedme off. I would go drunk and high and still getA's. Butshot, typing on an iPad gets tricky,I might need to get out of bed for this thread haha. Bh's

  13. You have nothing to base that on because you have a sample size of exactly one. Get back to me on that point once we've discovered and cataloged enough sentient life to form a proper analysis of what you posit there.

    In fact, logic would suggest that it's quite usual. The more intelligent a species the more it will adapt and thrive, thus experiencing exponential population growth.

  14. Hahasame here man,I don't even notice the high sometimes, may Siam just bipolar,who knows, imtoo far confused at this point' but I know exactly what you're saying.I've been getting to the point pyro my body fills with emotions to where feel as though I'm on an ecstasy peak. Yet I only smoke and eat medicinal andoccassionally drink now. Have touched a hallucinogen in years out of fear of mown mind, but fuck I wanna trip. Shroomswerethebest thing to ever happen to me back in threat, but I'm happy wherein at now soi dontwant to risk that.

    Also, excuse the random gaps, kiddo missing the space key on my iPad lol, lunchin

  15. Survival of the fittest. Just thing if the upper echelon of society didn't havetocarrytheworld on it's back. We'd be flying around rather than driving iwould imagine
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    I'm on a desktop now. Illadelph in hand.

    Also, I got a doctors note to get paid and miss all of last week at work, because I watched Office Space, decided that was my life and had been my life for the last 3 or 4 years, and I've already been to mental hospital/jail before. Well, I decided to go back to my therapist after watching the movie, and I took the entire last week off of work and have been relaxing to my max potential, and it has been everything I thought it could be and more. Now i'm trying to see how soon I can quit, and completely change my focus on life. That place is 45 hours of negativity a week. I used to be into the hippy/new age stuff, and look into all that shit, but I stopped and convinced myself to be atheist in fear of something higher that would judge me. Now I've been watching the ancient civilization documentaries and other documentaries, and I want to go full force into pyschological research and prove to the fuckinng therapist/psychologists/etc that put me under so many medicines, and through such hard times, that they're fucking wrong and nothing's fucking wrong with me.

    They had me strapped to an EKG machine and i was pulling the sensors off explaining to them how the entire electrical field worked alll while telling them i feel ADHD yet could hold a conversation with everyone individually, while at the same time.... so basically, I looked fucking nuts and pissed off.... they made me pee in a cup, called in a gaurd, and i was driven to a mental hospital in the back of a cop car where all the intervenious medicines came, and i didn't remember the next 6 days.... I got out after 11 days total... eventually stopped all my meds/everything... and it happened year and a half later... and is now happening again, year and a half later, except now i'm functional and prepared for it, and i avoided the hospital visit by calming myself down and staying near friends

    i'm gonna be real with yall, i'm new to this site, but you can search this name on the internet, i've been on other forums for ever... I just really want to get this problem solved to help myself. I used to be top of my class, positive, christian(dont believe that shit now), and etc etc.... the system has royally fucked me in every way, I barely feel I have my sanity, yet I never tell people that until recently...

    so yeah, if yall can help. i fucking love yall, for real. I want to make a difference in this world, and that's me stating my goal. so yeah, uhhh... i just got super motivated, now i'm high and dont now how to end this hahaha
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    Everything you've been through has gotten you to where you are now. Learn from your past, apply it to your future.

    The thing is in this world if you don't want to sound "crazy" you have to fuckin act crazy. Like you have to try and fit in and hide your individuality.

    Keep your head up and try staying positive. Even when the worlds against you bro. Smile in its face and tell it to fuck off.

    but it also could be...

    the fact orgasms feel so fucking good.

    We love fucking.

  18. LOL :D You crack me up man! I have nothing to base the unusual population growth on... but stories of reincarnating aliens from other dimensions is ok?

    I dont have a single damn thing to base anything I wrote on. Not a one.

  19. post in a blog

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