Most people are new souls.

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  1. I dont know if this is what I think; it is just a thought.

    The earth's explosion of population is unusual among higher consciousnesses beings. In order to compensate for the huge influx of life; souls from other dimensions and galaxies and all over - they volunteered to come to earth and participate in our little experiment here.

    The difficulty is once they arrived. Besides the mandatory memory loss that occurs in our dimension every time we are reborn - most beings in the galaxy are not use to or out of practice dealing with the complexities of human life. All of the unstable emotions, the pain, the drama, the rules of our dimension, society, etc etc - as you can see it isnt easy being human. As a matter of fact it is probably one of the most difficult higher beings in existence.

    So these new souls get here and they are just completely overwhelmed with the difficulties of being us. That is why if you look around at most of society - and I'm talking all over the world, esp third world countries (not trying to be a dick - but I have lived there for years upon years) - hell; you may be able to include this theory to any segment of our society that tends to have the most children,
    but the point is they are newer souls and not quite as accomplished or knowledgeable in the game of life. It also explains how occasionally a child prodigy gets born from completely humble parents. I think these new souls are overwhelmed with being human: it explains much addiction and alcoholism, the unhappiness, the masses of really not smart people out there just trying to survive, etc

    As they get better through reincarnation they grow as humans and evolve. In a way you can see a lot of people with empathy; they are literally lost souls trying to find their way through life.

    4:20 bitches!
  2. Interesting
  3. you should write a book. i would buy it.
  4. And so we shall....
  5. pshhh

    soul recycling psychobabble strikes again lol
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    Earth has a big sign over it...

  7. It says "Foreclosed"

    [ame=]‪Prince Ea Turns into an Alien‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  8. ^
    Whether you are going or staying or sitting or lying down,
    the whole world is your own self.
    You must find out
    whether the mountains, rivers, grass, and forests
    exist in your own mind or exist outside it.
    Analyze the ten thousand things,
    dissect them minutely,
    and when you take this to the limit
    you will come to the limitless,
    when you search into it you come to the end of search,
    where thinking goes no further and distinctions vanish.
    When you smash the citadel of doubt,
    then the Buddha is simply yourself.
  9. Spirit shows you what to see when you are ready. It is not someone, but SomeThing, in my experience.

    Thousands of people have your kind of realizations everyday. That is how It works in people's lives.

    You can choose to see it as coincidence.....but if you are seeking what you day the truth of it will be apparent.
  10. this thread is win.
    although; i wish i had more to contribute..
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    Story of my life man..

    What I find a little interesting is a lot of the people that have the same kind of daily experiences also have crazy intuition/psychic moments throughout their life.
  12. I think the human population just can't handle societies stressful structure, so they commit to an altering of consciousness for a way out; whether it be drugs, spirituality, or a mixture of both. Reincarnation is an interesting theory, but I see no proof yet to believe it.. (it all comes down to subjective "experiences", not objective proof)

    We should always be mindful of the path to happiness, and I think this consists of combining altered states of consciousness with sobriety. Not replacing sobriety. But whatever brings happiness is what is important. I sure as hell couldn't be happy with just societies weak, flemsy structure to provide my "happiness"...

  13. I think these people are old souls. Your souls are intelligent and each time you cycle through life you get to start off where you left off before - all these hints and intuition is your self or a higher power giving you hints and helping to remind you of who you are (cause we all forget every time we are reborn).

    This is where people say 'Trust your instinct'; you already know who you are. You just have to remember. And in your case(s)- who you are is constantly reminding you to remember.

    If it provides any comfort - the theory is we all choose to be born. With that in mind - those of you who are extremely smart or insightful - remember you chose to be here for a reason. Especially you older souls who know what the heck is up. You guys came down here for a purpose; most likely to help others but really who knows.

  14. Did you ever read anything about this? This is almost word for word what is described in a couple of the books I am reading right now :eek:
    See shit like this makes me think I am on the right path.
  15. guys.. people agreeing with you and people writing about this idea doesn't lend any credibility to it.

    just sayin.

    i read a book (author/title escaping me right now, i'll try to recall and edit this post soon) in which a well renowned psychotherapist hypnotizes patients and leads them into "past-life regression"

    and in an overwhelming amount of cases he reports successfully bringing out former personalities and spirit guides and other speakers while his patients are under hypnosis. it was a pretty cool read.

    but, it didn't lend any credence to the theory of soul recycling for me. it was just one man's account of his own interactions with his patients. and i'm sure there are plenty of other people who've performed similar experiments and reported similar results.
  16. ah, remembered.
    here's a link where you can read a couple reviews and a very brief description of the book. i'm pretty sure all you fools would enjoy it :)
    The Books
  17. Man... reading this thread makes me really wish I was never put into private school. In public school I always performed at the highest level available in math, in elementary school I was the captain of the math team in 4th grade (all of the other members were 6th graders). In middle school I was already doing advanced algebra, and always had 100% in math without even trying or doing the homework.

    Then in 9th grade my mom decides it would be good for me to be put into a private christian school.... They made me go BACKWARDS 2 years and take geometry my freshmen year (which I had already taken in 6th grade and passed with 100%). I was like wow... what the fuck... So my whole high school career was just retaking math classes I had already aced in middle school...

    So yeah, at that point I just said fuck school and got into as much trouble as I possibly could. Still do.

    But mycella, I too have started pondering the philosophical and sociological atrocities that are occurring in this country, as well as around the world. I know I've come here for a purpose, to help put an end to the suffering, to change the system! So we can start teaching our children what really matters in life, instead of how to bullshit homework, cheat on tests, and then join the miserable work force and become one more slave of the monetary system.

    Things are so backwards today... You shouldn't fear death, you should fear not living life!
  18. There I a short story called " the egg" that is a very interesting counter to this. It goes on to say that each and every soul is you, at different points through your maturity. You were that asshole who cut you off at the light the other day, jut a less mature version. .. I gotta find a link, but I bet you can google it
  19. What relevance does this have besides the fact you feel the need to gloat your vanity?

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