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  1. Wow... guys... get this... so for the 4 months I've been smoking i always thought I was bringing the smoke to my lungs, but turns out today I inhaled more than normal and felt the warmth in my lungs, before i was just barely making any smoke there... so good news is yay i'm high as fuck bad news coming back to work during a break where i was picking up some mcdonalds the high hit me, and the manager of the hotel saw me and started talking to me

    he said "hey what's that ( i think that's what he said)

    me "gooooood" exxagerated

    then here's the bad news.... he does a double take of me!!! oh shit so right now i am scared for my job... yeah i know you can say dont get high on your job but i have my own office where i can be secluded from everyone so that normally doesnt matter... so yeah im sooo fucking paranoid right now and i'm typing super amazingly fast.... the high ahs gone into a hyperdrive woah like crack a bit not really but yeah i dunno i've never done crack but yeah guys whats your most paranoid moment and what do you think of my situation cause man i heard someone in the security office when i was clocking back in say "he's on the way" that got me thinking what if they called the cops on me or something or if they are calling my main boss in to talk to me or i don't know but man this shit is weird.
  2. My most paranoid moment was the first time i got high....

    It was so strong it just freaked me out... Everything was frame by frame and went slow-mo, when i talked it felt like my speech slowed down.
  3. youre going to go to jail and get raped.
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    lol bro dont trip it's totally normal the first time i got high the same thing happened to me. I doubt he's calling the cops your just paranoid, I used to freak out like that whenever i heard sirens but im used to it now.
  5. You probably imagined the double-take.
  6. In the anal cavity.
  7. reminds me of the first time i smoked a water piece, my friends bubbler. i was coughing for like 10 minutes lol, i got so ripped.
  8. well that could be bad.:eek:

    i dunno, you cant get arrested for being high so at least your relatively safe right?
    might lose the job, i doubt (since this is your first paranoid experience) you could pull off being sober in front of people let alone your boss.

    your best bet if youre not already fucked, is to RUNN.

    come back tomorrow and say explosive diarhea (spellin? i dunno)
  9. Well, I didn't let it ruin my fun. Another day I come to work, another day I come to work baked.

    I'm not too worried about it...
  10. My most paranoid moment was when I *should* have gone to jail for possession, but luckily the cop was extremely retarded. Me and a friend had just finished smoking and about 20 seconds later a cop came up to us. He didn't smell a thing and didn't think we were high. From the time the cop showed up, until he left; I had never been more paranoid in my entire life.
  11. haha sometimes i got so off my face and paranoid i thought id pissed my pants... not good.. especially not in the middle of a supermarket, with constant glances down to make sure theres not a wet patch at my crotch
  12. I was sitting in a park in Berkeley with a few friends and some of a local gang.. I got stoned way out of my mind on some high grade medical. One of the gang guys comes through the shrubs in front of the area we're sitting in and says there's police action on the other side of the park, most of the guys peace out and then a guy wearing yellow, red, and blue comes and sits across from one of my friends and I. My friend, being a dumbass, was holding a jar with an 8th out in the open; the guy starts asking questions like...

    Where did you get that?
    That looks like three ounces.
    Are you planning on selling that?
    Have you been smoking it?

    Seemed really sketchy to me but I was too far gone to really do anything about it; I was just afraid I'd get taken in. Luckily the guy wandered off after a while.

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  14. Simple, dont smoke until your comfortable with being high in public. I used to get paranoid all the time, but if you get very comfortable with it you can control yourself and act straight.

    Eye drops and body spray will help your confidence as well.

    No fucking shit,
    I was HIGH.

    And, we had so many pills in the glovebox. Like, more than a HUNDRED.
    And this fucking DUI checkpoint literally comes out of NOWHERE. And we stopped and the cop goes: "License and registration please."

    That was a stupid place to put them, but again, we were fucked up. out of our minds.

    So we open the glove box, and I'm freaking the fuck out from the back seat.
    The cop looks at me, and he goes; "You uh, look a little gassy eyed young lady."

    So I respond with a quaint: "I have glaucoma" and I didn't lie, I do have glaucoma. So he's harassing the shit out of us, asking if we're sure there's nothing in the car we wanted to tell him about in case it got impounded. He saw the pills. I almost pissed my pants. I'm just thinking that it's over, we're going to fucking jail. No psychology degree for Ashley.

    He let us go.
    So, that was the most paranoid day of my life.

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