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Most overrated and underrated strains

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Valcurium, Mar 29, 2012.

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    The most underrated & unappreciated strain I can think of is one I preach about to everyone and often post on here about: 
    S.A.G.E. - (Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium)
    It's a hybrid. A good Sativa haze mixed with a really strong Indica. Depending on who grows it you can expect 20%-25% THC.
    I feel like this is a cheap (in price, not quality) version of OG Kush. Kush's price has gone up wherever in the world you are simply down to the media; Mainly being, rappers promoting the strain.
    When I have S.A.G.E. it feels like I can barely move my legs (which is a good thing) combined with the most creative & energetic high which I can only compare to Jack Herer. 
    This strain is like Thor compared to Zeus (OG Kush). Or maybe some other comparison. I don't know. All I know is this thing is incredible.
    It's got "Sativa" in its name and most people will tell you it's Sativa-dominant, but just try some. It's far more like one of the best Indica's you'll ever have fused with an incredible head high as a bonus. 

  2. over: OG kush
    under: betsy, white castle, gold rush, platinum
  3. I think all kush varieties get too much hype. Compared to the shit that's available in this town I'd say it's all mediocre. The worst of all though is white widow, it's all these damn kids talk about!
    I think Jack's Cleaner is way underrated. WAY. Like, if I had to fight a bull, or Bruce Lee, or Darth Vader, I'd smoke that shit, it's such a grounded and clear high.
  4. overrated-imo og kush, its good but for me its just another good strain, nothin id go out of my way for
    underrated-satori, one of the best strains ive had the pleasure to try. Also like pineapple kush very euphoric. Another personal fav is purple diesel, the sedating effect of the purp mixed with the sour d buzz makes for one of the best buzzes ive  ever had. Ive had 2 different batches of it and both were amazig.
  5. Over- OG Kush. It' great, just a little over rated.
    Under- Green Crack
  6. Overrated- Purple Kush and OG Kush (og is still one of my favs because it's the first strain I ever tried and it reminds me of home but people hype it waaaaay too much) 
    Underrated- Ice. Not too many people talk about it, but I think it's great! It smells/tastes like fruit and makes me feel relaxed like no other. 
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    Most overrated:  Headband, Blueberry, Silver Haze
    Most underrated:  Hindu Kush, Chemdawg, Afgoo
  8. I'm considering growing jacks cleaner. TGA genetics is an underrated seed company. They put out nothing but bomb genetics.

    Overrated - white russian. It's good but it doesn't pack the kick white widow does. I think way too many people around here grow it myself.

    Underrated - AK47. It's a strain a lot of people overlook but damn ak gets me heavily sedated for three or four hours. There aren't many strains that keep me high as long as ak does.
  9. Do it up.  My favorite to this day
  10. Overrated: Blue Dream, White Widow, Durban Poison, NYC Diesel
    Underrated: Chiesel, Trainwreck, Pandora's Box
  11. one of the most underrated strains has to be herojuana. Jesus what a smoke. GDP always good. northern lights & jack herer.

    overrated? sour anything. purple, unless it's gdp or purple god. headband. lemon haze.
    Def agree on the headband being overrated
  13. This is true wisdom. Please heed this individual.
  14. Overrated: OG Kush, Sour Diesel, or any type of Kush

    Underrated: Most Cheeses
  15. Overrated White Widow. Looks great but was disappointed
    Underrated Blue Dream. My personal favorite

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  16. Overrated: Blueberry kush (so many people in Cali love it. But up here in Seattle, a lot of my friends, dealers, and even myself say it's a really intense paranoia high with a shitty cash and burn come down.)
    Underrated: Fruity Pebbles (there's not as much THC in it as some, but the high is really fun and clear and it lasted forever!)
  17. Over: anything with purple in the name, blue dream. Purp strains give a good high yes but it's not something I would smoke everyday. Maybe once in a whole before bed. I've never knowingly had blue dream but it's ALL the kids here talk about even though they probably haven't had it.

    Under: El Alquimista. Best of both sativa and indica worlds. My friend said it smells like wasabi, I think of it as more a sweet/sour Chinese food. Everyone I smoked out with it said it was bomb as fuck
  18. I dnt think there really bad strains. Just bad growing conditions

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  19. Underrated: Armageddon.

    This strain will keep you high for hours

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  20. Anything with the word kush in it is overrated in my town. People are kush crazy over here. Sure kush is my favorite strain, but even I know that it isn't the end all be all, and I know that it's the most bullshitted strain as well so I have learned what good kush is

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