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Most overrated and underrated strains

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Valcurium, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Here are mine:

    Most Under-rated: Astroboy

    Most overrated: Blueberry
  2. My area hasn't the luxury of name brands coming through so when I hear one I haven't tried before I grab it.

    Overrated - Can't really say. If I've heard it's good - it's good. Love Potion I suppose goes here, to me.

    Underrated - SWEET TOOTH. Jesus I love this stuff. I've only had two 8ths of this in my life and it will be the first strain I ever flower legally.
  3. All strains overrated by teenage kids who claims their sac is ether than anyone else's.

    Haze is way overrated, looks crazy but has no kick.
  4. I don't think any..they all different depending on how they are grown
  5. Overrated:pineapple express
  6. For example, the poster above me said haze didn't do anything for him.
    In my experience, a strain called Nevilles Haze is certainly the best bud I've ever smoked
    It just depends on how its grown
  7. Overrated: anything purple. I don't get the craze about purple weed

    Under rated - sweet island skunk omg best shit ever
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    Underrated: Jean Guy, not really underrated as everybody in montreal loves it but a lot of people probably don't know about it outside.

    Overrated: Ones that make you paranoid/anxious even depressed at times
  9. I think the growing process is more important than the actual strain.

  10. Kush's are some of the most well-known and most-loved strains in the world....

    As for most overrated, I'd say the purple's that aren't purple because they should be but because they were mistreated while growing but the dumb smokers think they have the shit and brag about having "purp"...
  11. although a very smooth smoke overated would be pineapple express
    underated: blue dream
  12. probably when people say purple
  13. Overrated: N/A

    Underrated: All

  14. lol i can't really say. it's either dank or shwag.
  15. overrated: purps especially if its purple urkel or something. I find the high from those is a bit weak and the flower ends up not being as resiny as some other flowers.
    underrated: blue dream & the truth. two of my favorite strains by far.
  16. underrated: Blue Dream (Such a different squeaky clean high)
  17. for where I live the lemon haze is pretty underrated!
  18. I've had good and bad of all strains. I've grown two of the same strain and one tasted like a fresh tropical fruit and the other tasted like old smoked nasty sausages... to many variable i think
  19. but ya underrated- anything that doesn't have an appealing name.
    overated- anything with crazy ass

    extremeturbodieselberryauto 47

  20. haha I love when someone says they got "purp" and its just got a couple tiny purple spots.

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