Most intense pain you can receive.

Discussion in 'General' started by Kimborasta, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. Just a random issue. I always talk about it with my freinds.
    I would personally vote for -> getting a papercut through the slit on ur bell. (sorry girls)
    Just wondering... LOL
  2. getting paper cuts all over your body and then being dumped into a giant pile of salt.
  3. having ur balls crushed slowly in a vice maybe?
  4. My friend let us put a bass drum pedal infront of his crotch. My other friend proceeded to slam his foot down extremely hard on that pedal, while we videotaped it for our vid. I'm sure that was up there, but there is just s much worse when it comes to pain.
  5. getting stung all over the body by those australian seamanets or what they are, they have a venom that hurts so bad you die of the pain.
  6. blue balls.

    ouch :(

    note to people who never got some...
    ALWAYS make her finish you off
  7. HAHA. this gives me sooo much pain just thinking about it.

    Being skined and diving into a pile of salt.

  8. Thoughtless rubbing your eye while you are busy cutting chili peppers... Been there done that. LOL!
  9. i dunno if anybody else has had this before but i used to think in my mind getting hurts, and it seriously felt like it was hapening till i shook myself out of it..
    i would imagine like jumping into a lake or ocean and some guys fishing hook getting stuck on you and it tears away, or a fishing hook getting lodged into a good half inch of your big toe, and being dragged..
    dunno if you would DIE, but it would hurt

    3rd degree burns on your feet or genitals or back, and the skin peels back, then salt being rubbed around in it

    or one of those electric sanders on your dick..ouch

  10. ahha, ive been there! it SUCKS, i cried like a baby
  11. i was watching discovery yesterday... saw something explaining that there is a nerve in your hand by your thumb that if penetrated creates the worst pain a human can experience... something like that...
  12. ARGH! having ur eyelids removed and being poured with vinegar!

    or getting a papercut in your eye. (that wouldnt theoretically hurt u but just imagine it )
  13. being in the water with JAWS

    now that is scary shit!
  14. Having a half inch diameter GLASS rod firmly pushed up your dick through your urethra all the way to the back. Then, having a hammer smash the entire length of it, breaking the rod inside. Imagine trying to do...well, anything, with all that glass broken up inside your wang (assuming you haven't already bled to death haha) That'd be my vote.

    Waaaaaaaaaaa!l;kajsfl;kasdf MEH! =-O | | ||| | ||| || ||| a;lksdkk heh heh.
  15. going to a michael bolton concert with rosie o'donnell

  16. You probably mean 2nd degree burns. 3rd degree tend to be so bad that there is nerve damage resulting in more of a numbness than pain. When I took my text for first aid certification that was a question on there, which kind of burn is the most painful for the victim and requires the most careful attention. the answer was 2nd degree.

    Anyway, does anyone know who Elizabeth Bethory(americanized spelling) is? She used to tie men up naked outside and rub honey on their genitals, leaving them there to be bitten overnight by all sorts of insects. An entire night of bugs biting at my nuts is something I can imagine to be pretty painful.
  17. having heated pliers(sp) grabbing your dick and turning it until it rips off.
  18. A lot of these responses seem to revolve around dicks. A scary area huh? I'm sure giving birth would be pretty painful.
  19. How about a plain ol broken nose, mine hurt like hell the first time. Breaking three of the bones accross the back of my hand was no picnic either.

    As for genital pain, ever been "swabbed" for a VD test? I have. It entails a nurse, who looked me in the eye and said"This is going to HURT!", thrusting a twisted metal wire with bristles on the end swiftly into your penis. The pain only lasted about 10-15 seconds, but it brings tears to your eyes. The test was negative BTW. Wrap "it" up boys, you DO NOT want to be "swabbed.
    Even worse was last year when my left nut began hurting, like when you "roll" them between your legs. The pain kept getting worse until it literally began to suck up into my body, then the pain shifted to my lower back. At this point I was grinding my teeth and vomiting from the pain. Turns out I had a kidney stone, which they say is more painful than childbirth, I for one believe them.

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