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Most incredible weed ever!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ganjaguy420, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. well on friday, my semi-supplier called me up and told me that he actually got his hands on some real 'KB' now being the pesimistic asshole i am, i told him to go screw himself, since its rare around here, and hung up on him. So he called me back and told me that he'll smoke me up, and if i like it i can buy some, so yadda yadda yadda... saturday night, me and my two friends are packing he olde trusty corncb with the shake on the bottom, and i take the first hit, which was only lit for about 1 second, and almost passed out from coughin so friend who isnt a normal smoker, took a crazy fcking hit off the bowl, and spit launched out of his mouth, and he yels let me out of the car, he gets out, and coughs up a fucing load of blood onto the parking lot, which though scary (since he doesnt smoke, as the healthy person he is) promted me and C-dogg to smoke it more, and were totally blasted out of our minds, to the point that we couldnt function, and ended up passed out in a parking lot.... coolness...
  2. post pics if you got 'em
  3. nope smoked that shit, but ill discribe them. it was one semi big nug, about a gram and a half, which when pulled apart gave about 10 tiny nugs, that were red haired, and seemed like a spiderweb of crystals, which was basically all in the shake we smoked.... crazy...
  4. I got KB this weekend too. We got a half oz for $45, which isn't bad at all. It's some of the strongest smelling weed I've ever had. When in the sealed BAG it will still stink up a small room. It's crazy shit...keeps me high for hours upon hours. I tried posting a pic, but for some reason it won't let me. It wasn't a great pic anyways
  5. Half an O for fuckin 45 of some KB you sure about that mann? Maybe for some schwag, but I doubt some KB inless you have an incredible hookup.. You should start sellin man if you can get it that cheap...
  6. Believe me, it's KB, and yes it was a half o on the dot, 14 grams.
  7. Daaamnn man you should start sellin I sell now, but if I could get my hands on a half an O of KB for 45 all the time i'd be fuckin rich..:smoke:
  8. It worked out nice. Basically, the guy is a friend of a friend. He said he could get bomb KB but he just needed a ride. So, we gave him a ride, he dropped something off and he said that it was usually $30 a quarter. I gave him the $45 and said "well, I got 45 so get what you can". He had me go in with him and he told the kid that we gave him the ride, we had 45$ etc. He said "it's all good", weighed out a half O and gave it to me for $45.

    I have thought about selling. I would have so much more extra money, but I don't want to have that label attached, ya know? Being a stoner is fine, but I don't want people thinking I'm a dealer. I don't want the shit that comes with being known as one.
  9. i never by KB cuz i dont like to pay 20 a gram for some, but usually i just smoke some good commersh, and i have no complaints about it. i would just rather spend 60 bucks for 32 grams then 20 for 1. but i dont know thats just me and i seem to get pretty ripped
  10. yeah havin a rep as a dealer can sometimes be bad. Word got out at one of my jobs that i had grams for 20 for sale. Next thing you know i got co-workers comin up to me literally every hour, which was a good thing but it also dre ALLLLLOOTTTTTT of heat on me. I havent sold in a long ass time but to this day i still get people callin me up askin for dank, normally i cave in and just do them a personal favour and go pick some up for them for no profit, gives me a chance to smoke with the ones i dont see much.

    only got worse when they found out i could get dank from the clinics cause medical weed is some serious shit.
  11. godamn you motherfucking lucky bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't stand it, you guys getting a fucking half o of bomb nugs for 45 FUCKING DOLLARS?!?!?! I can barely get an eighth for that. :O

    Where do you live for that price? (answer = my future home)
  12. jesus christ i wish i had the money to afford kb!
  13. you can get "kb" moderalty cheap here, but i prefer to buy actual "kind bud", and its usually 20 a gram.

    I can get halfs of mid grade for 45, O's for 80 so if its decent bud im trying to get the most for my money.

  14. yeah, thats crazy for KB...Id like to know where your at as well..
  15. yeah, shit, i only got like a gram and a half for 40, but an ounce is kinda shady dude.... thats my two cents....
  16. It wasn't an oz it was a half and i'm in RI. It's unbelievable shit, 1 blunt tears me apart.
  17. so that leaves me with one question:

    When should I come over? ;)

  18. Heh yea, that's what I don't want. It hasn't gotten to the point that people are asking me for chronic, but I get about 5 calls and about 20 2ways a day saying "You need bud?" "You need any?". If I started selling I'd keep it in the down low and only sell to buddies and then just smoke for free, maybe have a little extra cash.
  19. The best weed i smoked was a "white widow".Its just launched me out of my shoes.Bong! But most of the time i am forced to smoke some shitty weed that have been loaded whit glass pipe looks like after smoking brown sugar!
  20. I can get half an oz of reggie for 40...
    but if u can get kb for that, congrats

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