Most fucked up thing you've done to somebody

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  1. Whats the most messed up thing you've done to someone out of anger or revenge?
  2. My wife once took revenge on a woman who had stolen her boyfriend. She saw her at a car boot, going into one of the plastic portable toilets they put there. With another girlfriend they pushed it over, so it landed door down.

    Very satisfying screams came out from inside, as a whole load of shit started oozing from around the door. Noone wanted to help pick it up, they didnt want to get covered in it.

    Eventually some guys did get it upright, and this woman came out, SHIT everywhere, in her hair, down her tits, everywhere.

    Revenge was SOOOO sweet.

  3. Oooooooooooooooooooooo is all I can say...
  4. last year me and my friends beat the shit out of these idiot frat dudes and messed up their faces pretty bad. i just got off probation for that shit. anyways, the one kid almost went blind and had to have reconstructive surgery on his face. i'm not proud of what i did, and i've for sure learned my lesson.
  5. what did they do to you to make you so pissed?

  6. +1
  7. It's a long story, but almost identical to TINR.

    I have alot of karma in my life to correct.

  8. Well, I guess if you consider smoking weed as a bad thing, you could just do a lot of that. :smoking:
  9. just tell the damn story:)
  10. I drove through this guy's front door with a Mack truck.
  11. My ex-hubby used to be a bit of a nasty bastard, so after one particularly shitty evening, knowing he was allergic, I grated up half a pound of cheese into a chicken madras and watched him spew for two days. It was sweet.

    Do I feel just a little bit guilty?

    .......... nahhh.

  12. As a person who frequently gets the stomach flu.... thats cruel.
  13. Trust me, it was MUCH less than he deserved.
  14. haha nothing really. that's the stupid part. they were just drunk and talking shit. they talked shit to the wrong people. whoops!
  15. This happened a while back. I was at the movies and it was about 11pm-close to midnight. Me and my girl got into a huge argument. I mean a huge argument. We ended up being so fustrated with each other that I told her "to get her own ride home", even though I brought her here. So, she gets pissed and storms off. She calls acouple of her friends who relunctingly came to pick her up. Well she had diarrhea of the mouth and she plotted a little revenge scheme against me. She got acouple bucks from her friend and buys nacho's. She goes outside to my car, and smears all the cheese over my front windshield in huge letters reading "Bitch". I was out back of the theater with my boy hitting a blunt. I hear a little commotion of people in the distance and think nothing of it. About 10 to 15 minutes later my other boy comes running to me, "dawg she fucked up your car". I was like what the fuck you talking about. He told me to follow him, so we did. He leads us right up to my car where there's a group of about 8 or so people surrounding it. And I saw it! Oh My Fucking God I got fucking pissed. I wanted to smack the bitch around. To me, weed + anger doesn't mix. And plus when it's infront of a crowd. My boy whom I was hitting the blunt with was laughing hysterically. When pissed me the fuck off even more. Sensing something bad is finna happen, my boy tries to calm me down, tells me he'll help me clean it off, and let's just leave before things turn ugly. Pssh yeah right, I wasn't having none of that. I worked at the movies, so I went to the Break Room and grabbed a bucket, and just started putting everything I could find inside it - water, bleach, soap; went to the lounge area and put Sprite, Coke, Lemonade; went to the food court and put nacho cheese and the butter from the popcorn; all into the bucket. I was gonna let the bitch have it. I was flamming mad. My boys tried repeatedly to just tell me to stop and tried grabbing the bucket from my hand several times. Fuck that. I went around the whole theater and the parking lot looking for the bitch. While looking in the parking lot, I saw a friend of hers at the neighboring Burger King. I went up to her asking for Dianna, and she told me that she was having a milkshake at Friendly's (which was like a 2 minute walk from BK). Okay. So I walked over there and waited until she came out. The stupid bitch walked right past me not knowing I was right there. I came from behind and dumped half that fucking bucket on her - her clothes, and some got the bottom lengths of her long hair. She was furious! But so was I, but I was somewhat "pleased" that I had gotten my revenge back on her. We parted directions after exchanging words and her friends and my boys interveneing. I have yet to talk to her... and it's been about 3 months since this happened.
  16. im going to have to invoke my 5th amendment right's here.
  17. haha that's fucking awesome. how long had you guys been seeing each other?
  18. Alittle over 8 months.
  19. i broke my friends teeth because he was a fucking douche. before he always used to steal from me and try to snitch on me if i didnt do what he wanted me to do. i mean me and him smoked an ounce before, MY ounce. well, one day i come over there with a 8th and once we smoke about 2 grams worth, he tells me to give him the rest or he would tell his dad that i forced him to smoke with me. well i told him to go fuck himself, and he went and got on the phone, now wether he was really going to call or not, that was a bitch move to try to get my weed. so i fucking lose it, and i have a short temper and violent personalty. i run up to him and cock back as hard as i could and fucking swung on him and broke like 5 or 6 of his teeth, that and he passed out from the punch. i just got my bag of weed and fucking left his ass there. i dont feel sorry for him at all, and he always gets whored out by the dudes in the neighborhood because everyone heard about what he tried to do so no one likes him now. he cant even come down my street without getting cussed out/threatened/ass beat.
  20. Fooled with my Girlfriend (of two years)'s best friend....

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