Most fucked up pickup ever

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  1. So I have been chatting with an old highschool crush for a couple weeks. the other day we decided to stay "friends" but there was no reason we couldn't be fucking each other (Friends with Benefits ftw).

    Anyways yesterday I was chilling with her, smoking some green at her place. Unfortunately I had like 1 gram worth of bud left. I bitch about this and she decides to find me a pickup. She finds a more expensive hookup but promises some quality. She calls him and the first words out of her mouth are "Daddy can I drop by for a few minutes?".

    We go to her dads house and she gives me one warning "Don't tell him you are banging me". I step into the house and I kept my mouth shut while he ranted about her bringing over every guy she bangs to impress them. He stairs me down and asks how much I want. I buy and ounce for 300$ (A LOT of money) and he passes me a bag. He tells me this shit is Jack Herer and I believe him. This is some of the DANKEST weed I have ever smoked before. He even offered to give me 20$ off the top back because he thought I was complaining because I was basically making love to the bag at that point.

    I really hit it off with her dad. He has a lot of the same hobbies as me and appreciates good weed. He then rolled a joint of hash oil he was making right in front of me and we smoked it. Best oiler I have ever enjoyed.

    She ended coming home with me and spending the night. I also met a couple of other dealers through her including a really cheap guy.

    Here are the pics of my hookup:
  2. Saying something was fucked up usually means something bad happened... I see no problem here? Enjoy the new smoke :smoke:
  3. What's fucked up about that? Sounds great to me.
  4. I smoked an oiler after buying an ounce from the father of the girl who is now my fuck buddy.

    I never said it was bad, that it is just kinda fucked. 2 weeks ago I never expected this to be happening yet today I am here. I lucked into this one.
  5. Doesnt look that great. Sorry
  6. 300 is a lot for canadia nugs..
  7. Congrats on taking pics to show. Must have thought, "this is going on GC when I get back."

    It is kinda fucked up how this whole deal went down. Fuck buddys Dad? hahaha
  8. That was exactly it. The dad knew what was going on too which fucking sketched me right out.

    She was totally fine with the whole deal.
  9. "Most fucked up pickup ever" dumb misleading title.
  10. All you did was say what I said but in a pessimistic way. lighten up buddy
  11. He was expecting at least a rape to occur in the story :D

    EDIT: @OP, that's seriously sweet tho, and it's definitely weird how it happened lol, but who cares, you're banging a fine (hopefully) bitch and her dad has some fine weed. life's good
  12. Nice that you got a hookup, but 300/oz? That's expensive.
  13. It is. I pay $200/oz and I'm in a state that borders Canada. And electric wizard kicks ass.
  14. $300 an oz is a great price here
  15. Haha I gotta agree, it's sometimes even up to $360 an oz here in Australia. Well Perth, idk what the prices are in South Australia, they got heaps of weed there.
  16. this is like an awesome fucked up.
  17. AT first I was like :rolleyes: but then I :laughing:
  18. i thought her daddy was her "manager" that would have been worth reading
  19. looks like sex
  20. [quote name='"Cruizer"']Haha I gotta agree, it's sometimes even up to $360 an oz here in Australia. Well Perth, idk what the prices are in South Australia, they got heaps of weed there.[/quote]

    150-200 for an oz of dankity dank in SA

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