Most Fucked Up Night of My Life

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  1. At about 4:00 I went to Dominick's and picked up 2 bottles of Robitussin gels. Each had 300mg total so I ended up swallowing 600mg total. It took about an hour and a half to take effect, by then I was at my friends house.

    Once they started settling in I got sooo fucking itchy. I ripped off my sweatshirt and even asked my friends to scratch my back. I had minor hallucinations in my friends room, and was told we were going to my other friends house for a party. The ride there was so fucked up. I could have sworn we rode a roller coaster the entire way there.

    Anyway, once we got there I felt so messed up. People were drinking and I was so convinced that there was a colony of people on the wall asking for help that I started telling people,"They're asking for help, but I just can't help them!" and they would just look at me like "wtf are you on?"

    Later on, I would go into the laundry room and see this green(was actually blue) shirt hanging up and I saw it as the God of the house. I kept asking it "what do you want from me?" then I would leave and tell people "He's pissing me off, I don't know what he wants from me!" in which they would respond telling me that there is no one in the laundry room. I knew that, but I was so convinced that this shirt hanging up was telling me to tell them to keep it down. Then I eventually killed the "God" by laying it down on the dryer...

    Anyway, that's my fucked up DXM experience for tonight. I'm a little drunk still, so I hope this all makes sense. I made a shit load of corrections.
  2. Damn man sounds like you really shouldnt of done those gels, you pretty much missed a party that you were at.:p
  3. Lol.

    I once thought I was an orange when on Lsd.Next time you should have a better time.It sounds to me like you were in a bad setting.
  4. Are you serious? That's one of the most common myths about LSD.
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    Myth's?What the hell are you talking about dude?Why the fuck would I lie,yes I am dead fucking serious.I hate when people spread bullshit about drug's.You should do alot more reading about high dosages of Lsd dude.I know what I am talking about,you can also taste color's and shit like that.Hearing color's,tasting word's.That wont happen with only a hit or two though unless its very good.

    How many time's have you done Lsd?What dosage?I have done 1000 Microgram's and that's when I thought I was an orange.Calling me out when I am honest lmfao.
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    I was referring to << that myth, not trying to say that LSD doesn't have the potency to cause hallucinations like that. Because I know from personal experience, it completely does...

    I just found it odd how taking acid and thinking you're something related to the fruit Orange is a very common/old myth about taking acid, and you said you experienced that.

    It could totally happen, especially if the suggestion was already in your mind.
  7. Cameron, you always suprise me with how much you know man. You're like a never ending source of knowledge. Wish I could + rep you again.
  8. the itching is because your liver is fucked up and cant deal with bile salts in your skin. it happens to me if i take to many tylenol pm lol.
  9. so if im itchy when im robbo tripping your saying i have a bad liver?
  10. I found out that getting itchy is common while robo-tripping. I guess it's called "Robo-Itch" and its a side effect of dxm that some people get. Not sure of the scientific reason you get itchy, though it's probably easy to figure out by simply googling it.

  11. No no no sir.

    Possibly, but not Always.

    Most of the time, the itching, whether it be from opiates or DXM, anything really.

    Tends to be a simple Histamine reaction, this is what Benadryl is for, also, don't abuse Benadryl either. Please?

    Since DXM is a semi synthetic Morphine derrivative, I can see as to why you might itch.
  12. agreed.
  13. i hate the lost, dazed, and dissconnected feeling i get when i'm interracting with someone that's not on whatever i'm on. :(
  14. everythink is what you think on LSD. this dude isnt lying. last time we tripped, my friend was like, "dude, our hands are purple!" and i looked down and my hands were freaking purple too haha. during that trip, green was purple and purple was green. pretty much we had purple raping our color spectrum. it was beautiful.

    but besides that, OP it sounds like you would have had more fun staying at home. tripping is not something you party while doing. sounds like you were tripping balls tho haha
  15. Same here man. But none of my friends would ever OD on cough suppressant to get high. I personally love it, but it's just something none of my friends are interested in. I respect that though.
  16. it's not exactly ODing right? isn't ODing taking a life threatening amount?
  17. My bad, I thought overdosing was taking over the recommended dose. But I could be wrong.
  18. OD=overdosing=dosing too much. i gues you could say ODing as taking too much of one thing to get high. which is exactly what you do when you get high on anything i.e. taking enough of something to feel its effects. i wouldnt say, hey dude lets OD on some weed this weekend. OD usually comes up when someone dies or gets really sick on something. so id say that saying "But none of my friends would ever OD on cough suppressant to get high" is safe to say. its not really a big deal tho thats just what i think
  19. Lol, Id never go to a party on DXM or mushies or anything like that.

    Not a party drug (unless at a rave) imo
  20. Well it wasn't originally part of the plan, I thought we were spending the day in my friends room to smoke some weed. But once they told me I was already dexing so I couldn't un-dose my self. I didn't have much of a choice and I wasn't just not going to go. It wasn't that bad actually, there was only like 10 people there.

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