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Most fucked up dream ever

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Last night I had the most fucked up dream ever. It was Christmas time, so there were lights on all the houses. In my dream our computer was in my room, instead of the basement. And Guy(my ex-step-dad) was still living with us..what the hell? Anyway, I was on the computer and my sister and brother were in his room room. We heard a huge semi coming down our street so I went in my brother's room to go look at it. It looked like the driver was drunk, and he had these crazy bushes on the grill with lights all over them. He drove into our backyard, and that's when we started to freak out. Then he drove right into our backdoor, into our kitchen! I ran downstairs to see it, and my parents sent me upstairs, but I could see the grill and the headlights in the kitchen. I went back to my brother's room and watched the truck back out and drive around front. Then the truck drove through our next-door neighbors' front door. It drove through practically everyone's house on the block! People were freaking out! I was so scared. I went up to the attic (it was starting to be daylight now), and looked out the window. The truck parked next to our house (I don't know how he did that since we live in a townhouse and we don't have the end one) and looked (carefully) into the driver's seat. It was Phil, the guy I used to do hot air balloons with! I was afraid to let him see me, so I was really careful. Then he got out of the truck and walked away, like nothing had happened, mumbling to himself.

    God, whenever I have semi's in my dreams it always scares the hell out of me.
  2. well thats just.. um... odd...
  3. i had a series of pretty weird nightmares last night. every time i would wake up, i would fall back asleep and keep dreaming the same shit. ever play warcraft 3? i kept getting chased by that evil green dude.
  4. I wanna play Warcraft 3. I have some friends who have it, but we have been unable to burn a working copy for me. Damn copyright protection. They aren't getting my money. I'll go back to Warcraft 2 when I'm at home.

    I've had some weird dreams before, too. One of the best included a popsicle factory. Yummy!
  5. Since I quit smoking bud, I've had very vivid dreams. And some lucid dreams. And a lot of them are like movies! It's cool.. heheh. I mean for real it seems like a whole 2 hour long action (usually) flick. With a plot and all. I've never had any weird dreams really.
  6. either im not getting a good enough deep sleep and am not at the point to dream, or i have them but cant remember sux, i have some melatonin that should help me sleep but it dosent, but once an a while i dream....and all i can say is "wow" when i wake up, its so fun

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