Most fucked up 24 hours of my life

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  1. So yesterday my two friends and I are going to a Skrillex show at University of Illinois, we are at Western Illinois University so its about a three hour drive. Lately we have just been getting in trouble for everything possible, so from the get go we start making jokes about all these signs that we shouldn't go on the trip (Shannon forgetting her keys in her room, just some other little stuff). So finally we hit the road at about 4:45pm I started rollin some joints in the car with some dankkkkk GDP. We smoked 1 and were saving the other 2 for the show. About 2 hours into the trip Shannon gets pulled over at a speed trap that went from 55 to 35. So the cop walks up and doesn't say anything about any smell of marijuana and goes back to his car to write the ticket, so we are all stunned about what just happened.

    He comes back and tells Shannon she can post her license or $120 cash, well she needed her license to get into the show (18+) and she didn't have any cash so she asked if we could go to an ATM so she could take money out, the cop said it was fine and we stopped at a gas station. Shannon goes in to use the ATM and my other friend Cory goes to the bathroom, leaving me all alone in the car with the cop standing there. Not even 15 seconds pass before he shines the light in my face asking if there is anything in the car he should know about. I told him no there isn't and he said he could smell it and threatened to bring the dogs in and take me to jail. At this point I decide its easier to just be honest, so I give him the 2 joints and tell him there's nothing else in the car. He searches all three of us and the car and of course doesn't find anything else.

    He tells Shannon and Cory to go back in the car while he tells me to come with him to his squad car (I'm thinking I'm about to get arrested, my life is fucked). He ends up saying that since I was square with him he will let me go but to think about it next time I bring anything into the car. He still gives Shannon a speeding ticket. So we make it to the show, find some double stack yellow smileys (my first time rolling) I took mine at about 10:30 and Skrillex came on at 12. It took about 45 mins for it to hit me and it wasn't the sudden "hit by a train" that a lot of people describe I could feel it building up. At 11:30 I split a different roll with Cory and by the time Skrillex came on I was rolling my face off. It was such an awesome experience. After the show we slept at my friends sorority house at UofI (for 2.5 hours). Got up at 6am to drive back to Western because we all had class.

    So with about 35 minutes left in our trip I hear something unsual near the back of the car as we pull up to a stop light. Didn't think much of it. Five minutes later the rear right wheel starts making a loud screeching noise so we pull over to check it out, none of us are good with cars and there was nothing visible so we decided to drive the last 30 minutes back to School and then tell the owner of the car and have them check it out. So another 5 minutes or so pass and hear a weird noise again, the screeching sound gets much louder and there is smoke billowing from the back of the car. We pull off into the one driveway we were lucky to be by and realize that the car is on fire near the rear axle. I call 911 while Cory tried putting it out with snow (there was only small flames at that point). The fire department came and extinguished the car after it burned about half way. Turns out the owner doesn't have full coverage insurance only liability so now Shannon owes her friend who owns the car 4,000 dollars. The owners of the house we pulled into were really nice and gave us a ride the last 25 minutes to school and were fine with the car sitting in the driveway until it could be taken care of.

    I'm still amazed at what just happened :confused:

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  2. Wow dude thats a crazy story.
    Overall you got lucky!
  3. 1) that cop is a dick
    2) that's fucked about the car catching on fire
    3) he probally wouldn't of called the dogs
    4) glad your alright
    5) that fire did some work
  4. whoa man that sucks, any idea on how or why it caught fire?
  5. damn,that really sucks.what happened to the car defintely sucks.atleast you got to see skrillex though!lol
  6. he had weed and didnt get arrested...thats about as un-dickish a cop can get

    crazy ass fire though, should've listened to your gut ;)
  7. Not too smart with cars but my guess would be either a seized wheel bearing or a locked up brake because all the sound was coming from that wheel and the first time I heard something strange was while we were braking at a stop light.
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    People like you, who automatically just hate all cops, really fuck it up for the stoners who respect cops when they respect us. That cop didn't do anything wrong at all... hell if anything the encounter with the cop was 2nd most positive highlight of the story (after the first time rolling!).

    Usually cops do the whole "be honest it'll be better trust me" THEN fuck you over
  9. i'm usually square with a cop unless i'm carrying over a quarter.
    in Sweden, they just take it or just tell you to stop smoking in public and leave you with the bud.
  10. I bet the cop was just trying to intiminate you.
  11. lol "intiminate" you meant "intimidate"
  12. Atleast the cop wasn't a douche. The whole speed trap things blows, though. But hey, you didn't get arrested. Having rolls for your first time seem like it was a good experience. Honestly, the only shitty part about this story i see, is the car catching fire. Yes you lost 2 joints, but you rolled instead. Yes your friend got a ticket, but no one went to jail.
  13. she doesnt owe the person money. yes they can say that to her but its not her her fault the person doesnt have coverage for it. if they take her to court for it the judge will most likely say she doesnt have to pay.
  14. That is an epic story and I have anxiety about my car fucking up on me like that....totally reinforces my anxiety of breaking down in bum fuck nowhere hah.

    that vehicle went up in flames.."tried to put it out with snow". Then I saw the pics like WTF.

    jeep cherokee looks like a late 90's edition...4 K my rear end.... The owner of the vehicle has to be pissed tho.'

    Finally a story that Delivers :hello:
  15. Im glad this is just a bad story rather than a headline reading "3 young adults get exploded by a jeep that for no reason burst into flames" damn dude, you got lucky haha, that fire looks like it was all around the gas tank n shit!!!!

    I think the important part here is. You evaded the law, saw a concert, then evaded death all in like 12 hours. Skills
  16. Lucky bastard got to see skrillex...
  17. just fyi you could prob find a jeep like that in nice condition for less than 4k
    also since only the back caught fire the whole front end, engine, ect can be of some sort of value
  18. This would have never happened to me because I think skrillex sucks.

    Glad you had a good first MD experience mate.
  19. Yeah that Jeep was not even worth 1k. At least the gas tank didn't explode. That probably had the D35 rear axle which is a piece of shit anyway.
  20. Yeah he was but I wasn't about to find out if he was actually going to bring the dogs, and in the end it worked out which I'm so thankful for. He was actually a pretty nice cop, didn't think he was better than anyone else, and when he said he was keeping the joints I replied "darn!" jokingly and he actually cracked a smile and found some humor in it.

    Yeah if it had been another mile past where we were I don't know how we would've gotten back to school, the "fire truck" was an old pick up truck with some tanks and a hose in the bed. What a difference between the suburbs and the country, in my hometown they would've sent squad cars, fire trucks, and ambulances.

    Can't even describe it in words, if you get a chance you gotta go!

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