most extreme thing done for weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smokin&tokin, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. Well, since I haven't ever seen a thread like this one, I dicided to make one. So what is the most EXTREME thing that you or someone you know has ever done for weed? Mine would have to be that my friend Bryan once jumped off of a 3 story apartment as a dare, and they gave him a bowl for doing that. And once, me and my other friend Tally were dared to go into her neighbors yard, and steal there little dog who is very mean and will bite the shit out of you if you even look at it, and so they said that they would pay us in weed, so we agreed and we went and stole it and we got the shit bittten out of us, but we didnt care and we were laughing the whole time because we were already fucked up, and then we stole the dog, hopped the wall, and collect our payment, which was a 20 sac! Not bad for stealing a dog! that was some crazy shit!
  2. I was going over to my hookup/friends house, and I have him a 1/3 pound braums burger to smoke a bowl of dro wit me..
  3. one time i bought 4 dimes of shwag for $50 but that was only because i didnt think i would be able to get any more that weekend.
  4. bob saget sucked dick for coke
  5. I SEEN HIM!
  6. u ever suck some dick for marijuana?
  7. i once crawled around on the ground looking for change that people were throwin at me cuz me and my friend george were tryin to get together enough money for a dime but the dealer got pissed that we payed him in nickels and shit and only gave us a nicks worth
  8. i used to go over to the park and pick up roaches the teenagers left the nite be4 take them home, unpick them, get a good joint's worth. but god how bad is that? i've never told anyone.

  9. hell no!

  10. ya right ;)
  11. spent more money on the taxi fares to the guys house than i could afford for ganja (bought a Q!)... had no money to buy any food that day

    not as bad as it sounds cos i knew i was gonna get some money the next day.... but i just had to get some weed, cos my back and about three other medical problems at the time were abso-fuckin-lutely killin me. ...and i'm alergic to pain ;)
  12. I'm sorry, ienjoytheweed, but if you paid me for anything in change, I would be half tempted to dump all that change into a sock and kick your ass with it. Naw, I'm a pacifist (too lazy to be violent) :p
  13. lol @ me, samus, and MrSBB
  14. most extreme thing I've done is walk to the atm and get some cash to give to the people who live on the floor below me. I'm a rebel.

  15. lol

    every year our town has a carnaval typ thing. everyone parks their cars on the sides of the bridge, right in the middle of town. a friend dared me to stand up on the rail while there was a bunch of people (tourists) walking on the sidewalk (on the bridge) and jump off. when i hit the water i had to lay with my face in the water and float all the way around the corner (which was like 500 yardds away). he said he would give me a half oz. i was like fuck yeah so we went to the hardware store and bought 18" of polyurithane tubing (so i could breathe) and we concealed in in my shirt. we strolled up to the bridge and waited for some people to come while jimmy (another friend) waited in the bushes down riverr with the video cam. I stood up on the rail and jumped off. the water didnt hurt too bad cause it was only like 65 - 75 feet high. but when i hit and went under i stuck the tube in my mouth and floated down river and got out around the corner. jimmy was running down the river dike laughing hystarically. he showed me the vidoe of peoples reactions. everybody on the bridge, and some others, were running over to the rail and people were pointing down river. you could only faintly hear the voices on the camera, but he said that people were all "he jumped off and floated face down". it was so damn funny! I would probably do it again for free.

    me and jimmy got ripped that night and walked around trying to break into the carnaval trailers.;) grat fun!!:D
  16. oh man I'd like to see that vid
  17. hippie john's post reminds me of some crazy shit me and a few friends did . it wasnt for weed but its funny as hell.

    we saw on jackass how they would stage a fake kiddnapping of brad pitt so we decided to use my friend joe's little bro patrick. hes about 9 years old and we convinced him it would be fun.
    so as he was walking past a crowded coffe shop me and 2 friends robert and grant pulled over in a minnivan and jumped out with stockings on our heads and grabbed him. before hand we had taught him how to make it look like he was really in trouble so the kiddnapping would be realistic.
    as we hauled him into the van by standers started to freak out. one guy evn tryed to grab the van as we pulled away.
    after the excitement died down we got really paranoid about getting caught by the cops. later we drove by in a different car and saw 2 cop cars out in front. we were about to shit on ourselves but no one ever found out. uit was one of the craziest things ive ever done. try it some time it will make ur day./

  18. hahahaha that post made my day!
  19. Me and my friend rode our bikes all over the city looking for his friends and family that had weed. We probably rode 4 or 5 miles.
  20. 4 or 5 miles is all over the city? I walked 3 miles every day to the nearest place to work before I got my car and again after I totaled it. And I ran at least 3 to 6 miles everyday for the cross country team. Once I went biking in West End Nashville. I must have rode 10 miles with this guy and he was done, but I felt great.

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